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This will be forever.

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Adorable things like this are posted here: 
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so this is a community now


Bunnies and cats will forever rule the world.

To all my fellow bunny-cat lovers, I thank you for joining this community. In order to bring peace and order to the world, we must do the following:
Take care and love life's best creation, bunnies and thy cats.
It is most of importance that we help these creatures thrive in this world of Earth so they will one day, take over. Take over the position no one has yet held, ruler of the world. There are rulers of towns, states, countries, but no continent or world leaders. There is a single solution, appealing to the job is bunnies and cats. Together, all of us bunny-cat lovers must unite into one force and demolish the rest of the kingdoms to create a new world, a better world, of bunnies and cats.

Unicorn lovers are also accepted only if you believe in the previous writings.

Yours truly,
Da Fluffy Bunny and Cats
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