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Time for some new blood!

When this community was started more than 2 years ago, the majority of people were "new vapers" and almost everybody was starting out with and even regularly using things like Blu and NJOY. There were only a handful of RBAs on the market and regulated box mods were a DIY only endeavor. 

Obviously lots of things have changed in that time and this community is no exception. As a "living" thing it has developed its own personality, and that's awesome. I don't think +Brad Ganley, +dave cox or I ever thought this community would grow the way it has. But as the community has continued to change so have I; but not necessarily in the same way and that's also fine. But community management should evolve a bit too.

So over an undefined amount of time I'm going to be looking for at least 1 person to become a new moderator here with the hopes that they'll be right for the community with the help of a new mod team of their choosing. At that time I'm going to step down so everybody feels free to move in whatever direction seems best.

 If you're interested in being a moderator or would like to nominate somebody feel free to do so in this post or in a message to me (preferably a new G+ post just shared with me or me and the person you're nominating). Please refrain from making new community posts about the process just so we can keep things here as content forward as possible.

Thanks everybody! It's been a blast seeing the vaping world progress from 808 pre-filled cartomizer cigalikes to all the things we have today, and I look forward to watching what comes next - just from a little further back in the crowd as I pursue other things :D
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+Shaun Aston​ same here always around between my mobiles,tablet,PCs. Lol. Agree completely on a moderator circle.
+Jose Pescador​ i need to hit you up on another thing but not on this thread I'll hit you up
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The mech check!

Stingray 26650 + Hcigar Mega
Cartel LE + Freakshow
Sir Lancelot White Knight + Little Boy + Kepler heat sink
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What Am I Vaping Today?

The testing begins.

Cloupor Mini with a Kanger Subtank Nano
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+Reighn Dance Yup. I almost never like stock tips. Good eye!
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This month's box of awesome from Craft Vapery. Peace and long life.
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+Reighn Dance which one is the lemon pledge?
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#joycheck  Biding my time until my twins birthday party.  Laser tag.  It's gonna be on like donkey kong.
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That is crazy rad!
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Found a fix for my leaky subtank mini! I bought plummets tape, cut it to size, and wrapped it around the bottom threads that are right above the bottom o-ring. You can tell how much tighter the seal is when screwing the tank back on
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Same here +ChristopheR Poston but I would have been VERY disappointed if I had this issue 
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Since they are back in stock, I picked up a Black Fat Buddha. Other finishes are available too. It's basically the 30mm version of the Plumeveil on steroids. :-) The Zypher Buddha which is basically a Mutation XL on steroids, is sold out. #RDA   #RBA   #vaperzcloud  
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#vape time
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Looking good there 
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My first parallel build. .4ohms inspired by +Robert Mason​​​​​ I have only done single and twisted but decided to jump out of my comfort wasn't near as hard as I thought...6 or 7 wraps on 2.5 mm with 26 awg kanthal. The flavor profile of my juices are totally different
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Someday I will build a coil and all will bow in amazement.....except for Robert. ...he will be sitting here I just built a yacht out of 18 awg
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New set up! Istick 50w and N22 clone.
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TIGERS MIX – part 1
Finally I’ve moved my a.. to make sth I had in my head for weeks ... a mix of technics only with tigers.

WIRE 1: TIGER'S TWIST - Twist (Drill (KT32 + F60))
I’ve made a tiger with kanthal 0.32 and flat 0.60. Then I made a loop and I’ve twisted it.

WIRE 2: POWER TIGER - Drill (INOX80 + F90)
A inox 0.80 with a flat 0.90

FINAL WIRE: TIGERS MIX - Drill (Twist (Drill (KT32 + F60)) + Drill (INOX80 + F90))
I took the 2 wires and I’ve drilled them together.
But the flat broke @ some places. It should not have any impact due to the very low resistance of inox 0.80.
I wait on an empty Mutation X XL v1 to mount it, test it and do the part 2.

Diam. ext. : 1.8mm
R 10cm : 0.13 to 0.15 ohm ... difficult to measure after Torching because of the oxidation layer (Voltrcraft R200).

Keep Coiling !!! : o]
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Handcheck-drip set up...
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Anyone order from before? recommendations? 
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Looking to build a relationship with my mailman so I can bitch at him for being late all the time. usps is so shity.
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+Yon Yohnson looks alot like the dimitri.
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Saw this posted for the game on Iphone and Android called Ingress. Google highlighted a photo during an incursion showing someone sharing treats but also holding an ecig. Thought that was awesome !!

Ingress treats in Hannover.  Something for everyone.

Photo by Agent +Sandra Galley 
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Pretty sure they were the new nickel ones
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Also, sold my colonial mod for a ipv2 mini 70 watt!
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I nabbed a black one a few days ago. Wonderful device for the cost. Replaced my Hana 50 clone.
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Aahh man... I am so stoked right now...
A new rda (while waighting for the new Lemo's).
The Royal Hunter... by The Counsil of Vapor.
Wide bore driptip with anti spit-back screen, also an option for 510..
Clouds clouds and flavor !!.
I am diggin' it !...
And very affordable !... That's the real good part.
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Yeah I got a pg allergy I think its like inhaleing razor blades with high amounts of pg..
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just for today....
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+Yon Yohnson Holy god, those are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing (my wallet hates you, though).
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#handcheck I'm happy with it
26G dual @ .4ohms.
Was at a .3 with dual parallel.....ehh

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Yep, Invader V2
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