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Stress is one of the most common triggers for seizures in Epilepsy
Stress reduction has helped Virginia to reduce her seizures. Here are some things she was doing to reduce her stress...

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved use of vagus nerve stimulation to treat epilepsy in children who do not respond to drug therapy as young as 4 years old. #Science #Business #Engineering #Health

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Have any of you had a bad experience in public? My daughter did...on more than one occasion and so I tell her not to go out by herself. Hmm, it is definitely easier said than done if you are an adult, but consider this..."consequences of such choice". I have posted a video telling one of many stories that we choose to share, with respect to issues that arise from living with Epilepsy. You have our permission to share it if you'd like to. Give us your stories, tell us your experience...

Can Prozac (fluoxetine) use in long treatment give a epilepsy-free person epilepsy as a long term brain damage from fluoxetine?

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hello. can this be noctunal epilepsy activity?

I'm struggling to get to sleep bechause the heart acting strange during when i trying to sleep. so I remain a long time before I get to sleep, so I go to a psychologist and have got a sleep diary to write. I have radiation feeling in my legs sometimes when I lie and try to sleep, and simple jerks can come on my right body arm, before I am about to try fall asleep (not just during when im about to sleep as the hypnic jerks). I sit up in panic in the bed and scream, often. this is because I get feelings of being sucked out of life, to die and dizziness, and i somethimes seeing orange/blue spots that are big before the heartbeats skipping and i slso get some dizzyness. I see yellow-orange and sometimes blue holes on the walls and when I try to brush the hole away with my hand, it disappears. so right after this hole sightnings, it very often comes irregular palpitations in my heart. it can be extremely rapid heartbeat that is extremely scary so i have to hyperventilate to get breath and panic, and gives body discomfort, or there may be irregularities like heartstop feelings that provides as much discomfort. this heart troubbles occur more than 9 times episodes during trying to sleep. many of the panicks i dont remember later in the night sleep, if i have got sleeping. theyre worst the first sleep period of night sleep. these holes and shadows and dots I see when I go to sleep and wakes up. in the living room and in bed. all places, come every time right before and something after the heart skips episodes, as a "warning" that now comes the discomfort. it can also come some few small twitches during wakening in my arm.

I scream when the heart itrreggularity takes place, because It get heavily to breathe for a moment bechause of chestpressure, when the heart skips. and then hyperventilating 4/3 times breaths to get the discomfort away. sometimes when the heart skips i feel strange and sometimes my chest pressures a second or two. so even if I go to sleep on 23.00, I have in recent months not fell asleep after at time 00:30. I dream psycho dreams, that I wrestled with deceased relatives. and I wake up a lot of these apnealike (but not apnea bechause it doesnt happen during all sleephours like in sleep apnea. and i not snore). the first part of the night is mostly characterized by panic awakenings and hyperventilation and that I will "survive". but the rest of the night I sleep almost fine. but many times I do not remember that I have hyper-ventilated or paniced. I'm on daytimes are very forgetfull (forgetful and forget weekdays) but not so tired. heart was normal last year I took the 24 hour EKG because heart also skipped at days and nights for a while. I go to sleep registration with a Respironics sleep clock from the hospital now for it to be recorded if I sleep well or poorly. i last year took 2 regular one hour eeg with some hyperventilation also in that eeg. no epileptic activity was seen. but if i havent had autism, i had had epilepsy, bechause autism waves are mutch like some epileptic activity in brain the neurologist told me. can this what i experiencing during sleeptime be a form of nocturnal epilepsy seizures? (i have never sleeped on a eeg before, bechause i have never settled down on the sleep deprivation eeg on only the 1 testhour bechause of loud hodpitalhellicopter right outside landing and takeoff on the roof, and couching voices from the nurse in the room). i have never token a 24 hour eeg neiter. to day i woke up and saw i had a sort of yellowish stiffened mass (like stiffened yellowish drool) on my face right besidr my right side of my mouthlip. can it be epileptic, even when i had no epileptic activity on my eegs in 2015? do this stuff sounds similar to epilepsy in sleep?

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Please help the EPILEPSY INSTITUTE OF NC, a nonprofit helping patients get assistance needed for controlling their epilepsy.

Thank you

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