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[you must pick a race and be that race]
[races; plushy, kawaii animal, Dark, Neko]


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Oh my god! I must reshare for my safety! Advise you do same! 😱

i was taking a nap in the empty part of the fields

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Name: Xavier
Race: neko
Age: 10
Bio: he was just born as a neko and he likes to take naps

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Name: Tusuki ni usagi
Nickname: Usagi
age: 10
Race: Plushy
Bio: I was created by a mother who loved her young daughter I was made out of purple fabric the little girls favorite color. but then one day the was the car crash the one that harmed the little girl and killed her mother now I'm the one thing she cares with her at all times she afraid of being alone. me and her ran away to live here in the Kawaii Palace a place that's always sunny a place where we can forget our past.

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Queen kawaii Daku Enjeru
queen kawaii Daku Enjeru also known as the kawaii dark angel rules over the dark side of Kawaii Palace from Kawaii ghost to Kawaii werewolf's she rules over them all she a loner who loves the dark but she love making deals and drinking tea she doesn't trust easy.

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Queen Kawaii Neko
he's a young queen but full of passion for her kingdom she protects all neko's from abusers and haters she welcomes neko's of all kinds from the cat neko's to the wolf neko's
all neko's are welcome in her arms
p.s. she loves being pet

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king Kawaii Piggy
I small but kind king he rules with a kawaii hove and he's not afraid of nothing all me wishes for is peace between everyone ^-^ he rules over the kawaii animals.

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King Kawaii Temmie
King Kawaii Temmie rules over all Kawaii plushy's even tho he's constantly shaking and eats nothing but Temmieflakes he still rules over all Kawaii Plushy's and protects them with his Temmie attack

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Name: Yuki Yugana
Age: 16
Race: Neko
Bio: Has an older brother named Kasai who is 19, hes a neko as well, is completely adorable (omg this is more of a personality then bio xD crap) Likes music, books, and sweets
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