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Hello, today I will be sharing a What If story. As if it was my version. Anyways, here you go, enjoy!
What if Sans, Asriel and Chara was saved?

Asriel was talking to Chara about Souls. As Toriel saying that it was dinner, Chara started becoming evil. Later on, Asriel was trying to find Chara. Chara was still telling Asriel was their soul was colorless. ... . When King Asgore was walking down the Judgement Hall, he heard footsteps heading towards him. Chara appeared with a Peek-A-Boo. The King was confused, he didn't wanted to attack them. Chara decides to slashes the King with their own knife, The King's soul was almost gonna turn to dust. When Chara walked away, a spear aims at them. They grabbed the spear, looking at a figure. The name was Undyne who was trying to stop them. Undyne asks that what did they do to King Asgore. "Let's just say that... I accidently turned his soul into dust?! Haha!" Chara said in an evil way. When Undyne was fighting them, she discovered that Chara was too strong. When Chara used CHAOS BURST, Undyne was almost defeated, leaving Epic!Sans to fight Chara.

Sans throws a building at Chara. Then he uses some blasters. When the fight was gonna end, Chara screamed. A black void-like thing appeared. When Epic!Sans waked up, he was surprised to see another human named Frisk with the 7 souls. Integrity, Kindness, Determination, Bravery, Perseverance, Patience and Justice. Frisk then summoned a door, she opens it. Then later she tells Sans to go in and save Prince Asriel. When they were fighting Frisk, a hand grabbed the kids. Integrity was about to hit Sans... "Block." A black shield appears, blocking the attack for Sans. Sans looked at another human, he was again surprised seeing another human. The other human later to control Bravery from grabbing the kids, the human teleports them to Sans. Later she runs with them, leaving Frisk alone.

Chara later asks her what was her name.

"Oh, sorry I didn't introduced myself! My name's Airy. Airy Glare for long. I am just like Frisk but a demon. And you must be Asriel, Sans and Chara? Well nice to meet you guys! Sans might know me cause we both are the Royal Scientists." Airy said as she was smiling.

"Wait wait wait," said Sans "Airy, is that really you? Where's your kumu?!"
"Woah, calm down Epic! Here's my kumu." A pink creature comes out from behind her.
Chara and Asriel shocked "Omg that's amazing!"

"Anyways, I need to get you guys out. But to make sure Frisk doesn't follow us, I need to do this quick."
Airy summons a portal to the Underground. Chara, Asriel and Sans goes in, the last one(Airy) goes in.

Here's my version! This is part one so yeah... Gooooooodbye!
Airy Glare
Airy Glare
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