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180 mm drone frame
Printed with PBT 30% Glass Fiber V0
Temp. Melt 290 ° C
plate temp 105 ° C
zero fan
20% infill
Zortrax M200 printer without cover
zcory extruder with special nozzle
prox week assembly then flight tests and crash

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Testing safe alternative of ipa...Amazing result..resin remains clear as a crystal tek1969 by +Stefano Corinaldesi
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When peek filament could be not use.
First printing test on Raspberry Case, successfully printed on Zortrax M200, tests will go on, if positive we will reveal the name and commercialize it

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Test 1 - Bonefil 40 3d Printing Filament

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MasterSpool - A proposed standard for 3D Printing filament supply without a spool.

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3D Printing Castable Filament - cobalt chrome test

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New flexible and toughness filament still developing
semi flex filament with hight mechanical strenght
Part printed, square pipe 50 mm
2 perimeters, 0,4 mm nozzle hole

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Water Repellent Coating - WATER TEST -

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Today we tried to make the turtle effect. Base part printed in PLA RENEGADE, first dark line applicatio with ebony impregnation, at the end bath in impregnated wood paint.
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