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Tribe:Hybrid Skywing/Icewing
Ability:Fire Breath/Ice Breath
Description:Red Icewing with large wings and a scar on his right eye. Large for a dragonet. Kind, but very serious. Both of his parents are dead. He has no siblings. He has been known to kill those who harm his friends. He has been on his own journey:Avenging his parents.

Name: Wishful the Nightwing
Tribe: Nightwing
Color: Black scales with greenish look
Ability: Has animus powers, mindreader but weak to foresee the future
Description: Ever since childhood Wishful has kept his animus powers a secret but he has cast thousands of spells as his souls isn't harm in fact it actually put onto a stone that only he carries around. Wishful also has been known to cheat, steal and sometimes harm others. But however his powers are somewhat weakening so he pretends that these spells are like wishes some may or may not come true.

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