Who else is having some trouble with the stats homework? There's some parts I've gotten stuck. I've e-mailed her but I haven't gotten a reply back yet.

Hey guys in developmental, do any of you guys remember the name of the guest speaker we had from Guatemala? The one that came to talk about her use/experience with Bronfenbrenner's theory? I don't think I wrote it down.

Hey everyone, would anybody want to have a group meet up sometime between now and class tomorrow to work on the stats homework? I would've asked sooner but I was out of town for most of the weekend.

Does anyone know what Barbara is asking us to do for problem 2c? I'm stumped. Thanks!

Hey would any of you like to do a group study session sometime tomorrow for the stats test, like we did for the last one?

Did everyone see the email from President Shepard about canceling classes today due to the awful hate speech on social media? (Hate speech? Really? Right before Thanksgiving? How ironic and sad and just...yuck!) I'm assuming, however, that at least Dr. Jantzen's class is still meeting. Does anyone have a way to reach her (Sarah: or KJ) to specifically ask since she doesn't have internet at home? Or should we all just show up anyway?

We're still having the stats study session at 1 today, yeah?

I'm not sure what to write for 584 Thursday... what did you guys who did well write about last time? Maybe I'm not coming up with the right kind of discussion questions, but I think an example would really help me out here ;_;

For the PSY 512 Chapter 9 problem set, is the value you get when you calculate the SE-est the same as the value SPSS has for the SE-est? I'm getting something different and I don't know if that's ok or not....

Hey does anyone in Social Psych receive the readings for this week yet? Aren't we supposed to base the question on the essay-answers on those readings?
I searched through my emails but couldn't find any readings...?
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