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Transpersonal Psychology Master's Degree

Are you interested in a transformational learning experience? Alef Trust is taking applications for the September 2017 intake of their Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology Master’s Programme. With their emphasis on experiential learning, a degree through Alef Trust is more than an education, it is a personal transformation!

Check out our programme’s at the link below and use the contact page to drop us a line if you have any questions.

Alef Trust:

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Life is about going and backing cycles.

When you receive, you need to give back.

This is the redistribution concept which allows to gain more.

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Time is Life and Life is Chance.

Do important things, build (your) dreams and re-write your life story while you still can.

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Explorations Into Consciousness

Explorations into human consciousness are not only important to the study of psychology, but also as a means to understand the personal and transformational effects of contemplative practices which date back thousands of years. Questions like “why does meditation work?”, “does consciousness extend beyond the body?”, “what makes us happy?”, “what is our greatest potential?” or “what is the meaning of life?”, may all be answered, or at least explored through studies into consciousness.

Register Today for September 2017!

Why Study with Alef Trust?

At Alef Trust, our approach appeals to many people from all walks of life. Most are professionals working in areas including coaching, therapy, counselling, education, health, sustainability, new technologies, ecology, business and management, as well as research and consulting. Many wish to enhance their professional practice and life, whilst others study with us for personal enrichment alone. Alef Trust combines world class online graduate education opportunities into consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology, with a community-oriented and transformational online learning experience.

Our goal is not merely that you should acquire intellectual knowledge and excel in academic terms – important as that is. In the spirit of the great spiritual traditions we aim to support you on your journey, enabling you to integrate new knowledge and practices into your personal and professional life. We are dedicated to nurturing deeper awareness, connection, authenticity, creativity and intuition – so that more and more people feel they are able to live their potential.

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Sometimes going against the wind is necessary to achieve development.

Some other times wisdom is just to let go.

In business or in the everyday life, a negative stress and resistance will just hold back opportunities.

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And then one day, while still learning… you finally get there.

And when you turn back to understand how it worked out, you realize that it was nothing but a succession of little daily tries.

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You can keep Life's attention focused on you in living it as fully as possible.

Give yourself a chance to benefit from the Natural life's Process.

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In terms of personal and positive change, not only does an outside intervention cost a higher price to pay, but its effects might take a life time to appear.

Better try it work from the inside.
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