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Are you an EX FACEBOOK USER? Would like to contribute to a research project looking into the relationship between WELL-BEING and Facebook? I would be grateful if you could fill out this very short and anonymous (6 question) survey.

Thank you kindly :)

(SURVEY) Why Did You Leave Facebook?

Art: Pawel Kuczynski

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EXCELLENT, very comprehensive and balanced article on the EXPLOSIVE GROWTH in science around mindfulness and the subsequent explosive growth in awareness of the many health and wellness benefits to meditation.

"Today, mindfulness meditation is the practice for which the most convincing body of evidence exists."

"The experts we spoke to agree that, when looking at the science on the benefits of mindfulness meditation, there are three conditions with a strong and convincing body of evidence to support its effects: depression, anxiety, and chronic pain."

"But is meditation’s ubiquity based on rock-solid scientific research? Or are there other factors to thank for its staying power? What exactly is meditation capable of, and should we all be doing it? We spoke to several experts behind the growing body of research on the health effects of meditation to hear more about what the science tells us—and what we have yet to learn."

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"Online Transformational Learning in Transpersonal Psychology, Spirituality and Consciousness"

Meditation & Mindfulness

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Building The Happy & Complete Person

“There is an Indian proverb that says that everyone is a house with four rooms, a physical, a mental, an emotional, and a spiritual . Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time but unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person.” (Rumer Godden)

Human beings are made up of many pieces, many "rooms". These "rooms" include the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual as well as the creative, the social and the "trans" (beyond) personal/ego aspects. What fosters happiness, health and flourishing in our lives is when we visit each room. When each aspect of our self is nurtured, fed and encouraged to grow. When we treat our lives and our needs through a balanced approach considering the WHOLE PERSON.

And this is why the field of transpersonal psychology is so relevant and important to our time. It is a WHOLE PERSON psychology which considers ALL those rooms (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), as well the creative, social and the transpersonal (beyond ego) aspects of self. Those aspects of human psychological flourishing which represent our highest and most selfless nature as well as our relation to the Sacred and that which transcends ego/self and "normal" consciousness.

"Transpersonal Psychology might loosely be called the psychology of spirituality and of those areas of the human mind which search for higher meanings in life, and which move beyond the limited boundaries of the ego to access an enhanced capacity for wisdom, creativity, unconditional love and compassion. It honors the existence of transpersonal experiences, and is concerned with their meaning for the individual and with their effect upon behavior." (British Psychological Society)

"There are many important contemporary trends in psychology—and science in general—which relate very strongly to transpersonal theory. Mindfulness is certainly very closely connected to transpersonal psychology, as is contemporary interest in consciousness, and the recent renewal of research into the therapeutic properties of psychoactive substances. There are many areas of positive psychology which intersect with the concerns of transpersonal psychology too, such as the study of altruism, well-being and states of flow." (+Steve Taylor)

"Transpersonal psychologists attempt to integrate timeless wisdom with modern Western psychology and translate spiritual principles into scientifically grounded, contemporary language. Transpersonal psychology addresses the full spectrum of human psychospiritual development—from our deepest wounds and needs, to the existential crisis of the human being, to the most transcendent capacities of our consciousness." (Mariana Caplan)

“The renaissance of interest in Eastern spiritual philosophies, various mystical traditions, meditation, ancient and aboriginal wisdom, as well as the widespread psychedelic experimentation during the stormy 1960s, made it absolutely clear that a comprehensive and cross-culturally valid psychology had to include observations from such areas as mystical states; cosmic consciousness; psychedelic experiences; trance phenomena; creativity; and religious, artistic, and scientific inspiration.” (Stanislav Grof)

+Alef Trust offers transformational learning through online courses and graduate programs in transpersonal psychology, spirituality & consciousness.


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Why Socks Help You Sleep Better
Why Socks Help You Sleep Better

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"A digital zombie can be described as a person using digital technology to a point that they become fixated in an artificial reality."

With our growing use of digital communication technologies like social media, seeing people walking around with their heads down and eyes glued to their cell-phones completely oblivious to the world around them, has become the norm in many cities. We once decried the invasion of privacy and demands placed on our attention from television and print advertising. Today, we are BOMBARDED by beeps, vibrations, alerts and pop-ups on our phones and screens, constantly pulling our attention away.

"With our online digital devices readily on hand, the media and the medium have merged, and the result is, to some extent, that we have become the victims of attention slavery, giving rise to a generation of digital zombies."

In this article by +Jevon Dangeli (an alumni of the +Alef Trust Master’s Programme in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology), he points out that the control these devices have over our attention "could give rise to interpersonal and social problems, as well as elevated stress levels, which, if unresolved can lead to burnout". Fortunately there is HOPE and we can regain control over our attention, through meditation, mindfulness and open awareness as Jevon explains.

Along with being the founder of the Authentic Self Empowerment Coaching/Therapy programmes and an alumni of the Alef Trust MSc Programme, Jevon is also an instructor with Alef offering both an Open Learning Course and Certificate Programme in Transpersonal Coaching Psychology starting in February 2019.


Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology (MSc)

Approaches to Consciousness (Open Learning)

Transpersonal Psychology (Open Learning)


Transpersonal Coaching Psychology (Open Learning)

Transpersonal Coaching Psychology (Certificate)

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Facebook & Well-Being

Well now, isn't this an encouraging article! Given that my own research and thesis topic is a strategy to use Facebook in a manner which fosters well-being. Hey Mark Zuckerberg, are you listening?

"Facebook has worked with academic institutions to research the impact social media has on our wellbeing."

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Neutralise panic, anxiety and depression with grounding techniques: Practising regular grounding exercises can help you feel more secure, stable and connected to yourself, especially after a period of anxiety or dissociation. These exercises can also be used to overcome panic attacks and feelings of detachment in depression. They include learning to keep your feet anchored to the floor, finding your centre of gravity, adopting an upright posture and standing still with your legs apart. As well as practising how to move with a fluid, steady motion to maintain balance and equilibrium, this helps you remain present in the here-and-now, rather than retreating to your head and overthinking things in a crisis, or worrying and becoming detached from your feelings. Practising grounding daily ensures you regain a sense of focus and stability. It can restore your self-confidence as you learn to trust your instincts and sensory experience – reconnecting the mind and body. You are also less likely to drift off into dissociative states or detachment.

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Help Us Change the World!

+Alef Trust is Hiring! (remote/telecommute)

(1) Business Development Manager
(2) Executive Assistant

Would you like to join our global community of educators, students and staff in helping to manage and administer the operations of a leading transformational online learning facility? Alef Trust is growing and we are seeking candidates to fill two newly created positions. If you are a Business Development Manager or Executive Assistant familiar with the educational sector, and have the disposition, community-mindedness, experience and qualifications which fit with our mission and goals, we would love to hear from you. Follow the link below to view the complete job descriptions and how to apply for our (part-time and telecommuted) positions as a Business Development Manager or Executive Assistant.

Our Story and Vision: The +Alef Trust is an international non-profit organisation active in the field of transformative education, focusing in the areas of consciousness studies, spirituality and transpersonal psychology. We are inspired by a vision that emphasises whole-person education, integrating mind, body and soul for the betterment of our world. In all our work we aim to foster wellbeing & health, cultural self-expression & inclusivity, ecological sustainability, and compassionate service to the world. Whilst being rooted in academic excellence, all our programmes encourage personal and professional growth through multiple ways of knowing, embracing creative, spiritual and somatic practices alongside intellectual study.

Apply and Job Descriptions:

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Transpersonal Theory & Psychotherapy

Transpersonal theories and approaches are being used increasingly across a widening range of personal, spiritual, professional, coaching and psychotherapeutic applications. Transpersonal theories assume a broader vision of human consciousness, flourishing and developmental potential that reaches beyond the traditional egoic structures of the human mind. Transpersonal (beyond personal/ego) concepts of mind are not new and have played a fundamental and foundational role in most Eastern and indigenous philosophies of mind and spiritual traditions for thousands of years.

"All transpersonal approaches are concerned with accessing and integrating developmental stages beyond the adult ego and with fostering higher human development."

Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling
(Open Learning Course - Feb/19)

With this increasing recognition of the important role that transpersonal states play in human psychology, development and wellbeing, as well as the need to develop treatment models which go beyond the removal of psychopathology, the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy are increasingly turning to transpersonal theories and approaches to foster higher human development in their clients.

Transpersonal theories in psychology arguably began with William James and became more mainstream with the works of the humanistic psychologists like Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. The humanists argue that we have an innate drive towards exceptional states of consciousness and flourishing characterized by elevated states of self-expansion and self-actualization whereby the (often bounded) egoic structures of mind are dissolved. Phenomenologically these experiences of self-expansion and self-actualization are often perceived as a sense of unity and connectedness with all life and all persons; they often generate an increased motivation towards compassion, service to others and even creativity and other forms of expression; as well as creating elevated levels of satisfaction and overall joy in life.

"The field is concerned not only with the diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology associated with the usual stages of human development from infancy through adulthood, but also with difficulties associated with developmental stages beyond that of the adult ego. It is this latter idea, that there are stages of human growth beyond the ego (hence the term transpersonal) that sets these theories apart from other models of human development and psychopathology."

"Transpersonal psychiatry does not promote any particular belief system, but rather acknowledges that spiritual experiences and transcendent states characterized by altruism, creativity, and profound feelings of connectedness are universal human experiences widely reported across cultures, and therefore worthy of rigorous, scientific study."

Read more.....

A Review of Transpersonal Theory and Its Application to the Practice of Psychotherapy

+Alef Trust offers online transpersonal graduate programs and Open Learning Courses across a wide range of professional, personal and spiritual perspectives. Following our new partnership with Liverpool John Moores University, we are pleased to announce new or updated programmes and courses in consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology. Check out our new programmes/courses below and signup for our mailing list to be informed of new programmes or courses with Alef Trust

Alef Trust Mailing List:

Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology
(MSc - Sept/18)

Approaches to Consciousness
(Open Learning Course - Sept/18)

Transpersonal Psychology
(Open Learning Course - Sept/18)

Transpersonal Coaching Psychology
(Open Learning Course - Feb/19)

Transpersonal Coaching Psychology
(Certificate of Participation - Feb/19)

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