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#1 ((The most important rule of them all.)) No bullying. It will not be tolerated. Immediate ban goes to those who choose to bully. Please tag ((+Andrew G)) me if you find a bully.

#2 do not judge others. Any kind of Roleplay is accepted so do not judge the way others choose to Roleplay. That counts as bullying and a ban will follow.

#3 make a profile before roleplaying please. ((You can have more then one character.))

#4 no spam. Repost or die posts are considered spam and the person that posts spam will get three warnings before getting a ban.

#5 please post in the correct sections. If you have a question post it in the ask a mod section.

#6 No godmodding. God moding is when someone makes or has an overpowered character and makes it so they are unbeatable. It is unfair and not accepted here. You will get three warnings before a ban.

#7 Have fun!!


((You must have at least four of these for it to be approved.))






Height: ((optional))

Weight: ((optional))




Evil or good:

Most know facts: ((optional))

Type of rp you'd like to do:

+Gamer 696​​​​​​​​​​
+Louie Najera​​​​​​​ ​
+Nate Wolf
If there are any issues please contact the owner or the mods. I will try and make everything work as best as I can.


-Where to Roleplay: this community, in the comments of the post, in hangouts, or in a private post.

-How to Roleplay: you put these -> * around your text like so: *as the wolf stalked her prey she realized she was the real prey*....
To talk in a Roleplay you don't have to use quotation marks but you can, hello madam or "hello madam" Is acceptable.
Here's an example of roleplaying: *the hunter carefully aimed his rifle at the unsuspecting wolf. He smiled to himself thinking in his head that this was going to be "too easy." Before he could shoot the wolf turned to him. He was shocked to see the wolf bow it's head in defeat instead of lungging at him. He saw a glint of a tear in her eyes when he heard a ruffling sound in a near by bush. He turned to see two baby wolf pups staring at him. When he turned back around the wolf was already gone and her pups running off to her.* "dammit... I could've shot her if I didn't look back at those things..." *The hunter says this in disgust but quickly realizes he almost killed those poor animals mom. He turns away and goes back home empty handed.*

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Name: Honoka Gokuhara

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Appearance: She looks similar to her brother (Gonta Gokuara), but some differences. Her outfit is from old academy. She wears glasses due to eye problems.

Personality: Honoka is gentle and cares about about her brother. She dislikes Kokichi (his lying and annoying side), Angie (trying to brainwash her brother), and Miu (vulgar and annoying). She will defend her brother (whether she was the culprit or not).

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 144 lbs

Likes: gummies, books, Shakespeare

Dislikes: certain bugs, Miu, Angie, Kokichi

Bio/backstory: Honoka is actually Gonta's twin sister. The parents didn't want a girl (they thought she won't be able to carry on the family name). They bribed a lonely couple with lots of money if they raise her and never tell her about her real family and her brother. She performed in many plays and musicals, becoming popular to directors and fans. She earned the title of Ultimate Actress. She was kidnapped and arrived at the Academy for Gifted Juveniles. There, she met her brother.. a man she never seen before.

Evil or good: good

Most know facts: Ultimate Actress

Type of rp you'd like to do: Danganronpa V3 (video game)
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This profile will vary a little due to the type of roleplay I am in:

Name: Ziren Durus

Species: Fukioisa

Gender: Female

Appearance: warrior like clothing, blueish black skin, pure baby blue eyes, war tattoos everywhere

Personality: somewhat warrior like, kind and tough

Height: 6'9 ft

Weight: 195 pounds

Likes: blades, fighting and food

Dislikes: places she is not familiar with and those who fight the weak

Bio/backstory: Ziren is from a world called Tursoa, a largely unknown world to only those who either found it by accident or brought there by the Fukioisa, a warrior like people. Zirenis an only child to a chief of a high stronghold who lost his wife after giving birth to Ziren. Ziren grow up learning how to fight with her father before becoming of agebefore leaving her world to discover other people in the universe

Evil or good: good

Type of rp you'd like to do: any type unless it's sexual, I don't like those.

We now have over 50 members!! Yay! I am not starting an event add as many people as you can let's make this place grow even bigger!

Name: Shieth Psyad
Age: 28 sineen (years)
Race: insan (human)
Appearance: Shieth is of average height for a man, with an athletic body. His eye colour is hazelnut brown, his hair is short black hair and his black beard is trimmed.
Clothing: Shieth is dressed in second-class Jäger armour that includes a K50 Helmet, G750 Body Armour, Gauntlets and Leggings.
Arsenal: Shieth excels in close-range and ranged combat; he carries a SS-001 Sword that extends from its hilt and a SN-2020 Firearm that has two firing modes. The first firing mode fires bursts of energy that is shaped like laser blasts, and the second firing mode fires pellets that explode into powerful sonic waves and small shrapnel for an added effect.
Biography: Shieth's parents died during the military coup d' etat in the kingdom of Hijr, turning it into a republic. He was raised by his parents' close friend - Avicenna, a thamodean. Avicenna raised Shieth as if he was his own son, expanding Sheith's horizons at a young age through travelling. He also taught him combat both armed and unarmed. Because of the death of his parents, Shieth was driven to join the organization that aims to help people throughout the world and make a difference; he decided to join the Jäger force, and Avicenna joined with him to help him and protect him. Shieth and Avicenna have recently been assigned with investigating the "his whisper" incidents, and discover the origin behind the disembodied voice.

Before I post an opening to the RP, I would like to post this background information so that people can join the RP easier if they wish to do so.

The Pseudo Code

The world has two major continents, the eastern Himyarite continent and the western Nabatean continent, separated by the Firat Sea. To the north lies Baten Kaitos, the deepest part of the entire ocean, and to the south lies the underwater dicastery of Mu (where our characters are), which is the country in which Jäger headquarters and the main Levant temples are located. The Himyarite continent contains the kingdom of Babel, the militaristic regime of Hijr (which used to be a kingdom before the events of the RP), the oligarchy of Rus, the republic of Sodom and the principality of Iram; the Nabatean continent contains the vast empire of Jerusalem. I have attached the world map for your perusal.

The races are insans (humans), adites (elves), thamodians (dwarves), philistines (gargoyles), mamluks (orcs), tataars (minotaurs), hyksos (mermen), yagogs (female only shaytanic beings) and magogs (dragonians/draconians).

Note: The tallest race is philistine (an average height would be 12.5 thera (5 meters)), followed by adite and tataars; the remaining races are of similar heights, but thamodeans are the shortest. Philistines are also the strongest race, followed by the tataars, mamluks and adites. The remaining races are of similar strength.

- Hyksos are humanoid, but appear amphibious in appearance. Since each hyksos is different, you can describe a person encountered in the way you want, as long as they have amphibious traits. As they are amphibious, they are able to breathe underwater and on land, giving them the highest lung capacity out of all the races, but they cannot bare dry, arid areas. Most of the hyksos population resides in the land of Mu.

- Adites are architectural, and take pride in building magnificent and exquisite structures. They abide by cultures and traditions, and those who deviate from their cultures and traditions become ostracized and disowned. They are a patriarchal society, and they mostly reside within Iram.

- Thamodeans are exceptional engineers, and they tend to build their magnificent houses within rock and stone; they mostly reside within Hijr.

- Philistines are winged beings that are unable to fly; as the philistines evolved across the timeline, the genes expressing the muscles responsible for flight diminished through mutations. However, there instances where the genes are conserved, granting philistines the ability to fly. The appearance of philistines, as well as the presence or absence of a tail, depends on your description as each individual will differ from the rest. Philistines were the dominant race of Jerusalem, before the emperor brought the tataars to inhabit the land, becoming the dominant race; this transition is the center of friction between philistines and tataars.

- Tataars are known for their abnormal short ears, and some even lack the external ear pinna. They have a disproportional firgure, with their shoulders being wider and their hips being narrower than the other races. Some tataars have variations in their mandibular structure, where the mandibules are protruding to the point where their lower teeth cover their lips. They have aggressive tendencies and hearing deficits. The facial structure and skin colour can be left to your description for variation. Most of the tataars reside in Jerusalem, dominating the philistines in the class-based society.

- Mamluks are known for their horned heads (although it does not always manifest), hooves for feet and thawr-(bull-) like heads and ears; They are able to run on all fours for extra speed, making them the fastest race on land. They also have three fingers, with one of them being an opposable thumb; the fingers are thicker than those of the other races. Mamluks also have manes covering the back of their neck. The society of the mamluks is matriarchal in nature, and they normally reside in Babel.

- Magogs are reptilian in appearance, with eyes situated slightly on the sides of their skulls. Their eyes have two sets of eyelids to protect them from dryness, and their skin is scaly in nature and appearance, making them able to withstand dry, arid areas; their skin makes them unable to bare humid areas. Their digestive systems do not require constant nourishment, enabling them to survive longer without eating or drinking. The description of the race is entirely up to you, as long as they have a reptilian (dragonian/draconian) appearance. Magogs normally co-exist with the mamluks in Babel.

- Yagogs are a female only race, able to copulate and breed with other races. Even though the offspring will be yagog, they will inherit the traits of the "father". Yagogs are able to copulate with both genders of any race, as well with themselves. Yagogs are hermaphrodites, a trait that has been conserved through their evolution, and are very active sexually. They have an attractive appearance, even though they have shaytanic (daemonic) features (which are based on your descriptions). They are able to extend their necks to great lengths (4.8 thera or 1.8 meters), and are also able to extend their tongues (2.25 thera or 0.9 meters); the tongue muscle in its extended state becomes fatal (the longer the tongue, the more damage it incurs). Yagogs mainly reside in Sodom.

Nephilims are huge mechanized robots which are 45 thera (18 meters) high on average. They were originally found at dig sites by archaeologists and Levant, and were then reverse engineered for mass production. It is thought that ancient civilizations created these mechas and used them as war instruments. Levant made nephilims part of the Jäger arsenal once the Jäger troopers finish the pilot training and exam (via simulator) and receive their pilot licence. Nephilims are customizable and upgradable in order to access different terrains and adapt to different combat scenarios; nephilims are also capable of flight if the required parts are installed. Nephilims are powered by recharageable Sothil (metallic element) batteries that enable it to function for a woche (week) before requiring to be charged.

Age and Longevity
In the past, people used to live for thousands of sineen (years), but as time progressed, people's longevity began to decrease and decrease until it reached an average of 80 sineen. Thamodeans and adites, however, have their longevity preserved.

If anyone feels that I missed to mention or specify an aspect of the RP, please let me know. The plot has been posted before, but I can repost it again if anyone wishes.

<< I am aleph and yodh. I am unus yet omnes. Ye, shalt be, as gods.>>

The Pseudo Code

Premise: Two continents occupy the planet, with the Nabatean continent being situated in the east, and the Himyarite continent being situated in the west. The two continents are separated by a great ocean, named Euphrates, with an underwater city lying in the southern hemisphere called Mu. A religious organization called Levant oversees excavation of mechas of war - Nephilims. The organization is also responsible for a myriad of humanitarian activities as well as spreading the teachings of its religion, Gnosis. The Jäger force is the militaristic arm of Levant, which protects its praeposits whenever they are active. The Jäger force is also responsible for peacekeeping activities.

Races: There are 9 races in the world: Insans, Adites, Thamodeans, Philistines, Yagogs, Hyksos, Mamluks, Tataars and Magogs.

Plot: Recent terrorist activities have transpired in various cities, where the captured terrorists attribute their behaviours to the disembodied "his whisper". The Levant tasks the Jäger force to investigate the source of "his whisper". The RP takes place from the perspective of the Jäger units that are investigating this phenomenon.

Disclaimer: The RP will cover topics that might be sensitive or controversial to conservative people, such as racism, nationalism, sexism, war crimes, etc.

Discussion: I hope I managed to provide a clear description of the world, but the RP is open for discussion and input. I am not gifted with writing, and I apologize in advance if the RP does not appease to anyone, and I hope that people who are interested in joining would enjoy the RP.

RP Medium: Due to my schedule, Hangouts offers a convenient medium for RPing. If anyone is interested in RPing with me, please feel free to message me via Hangouts. We can discuss character biographies, racial descriptions and much more.

Thank you for your time and thank you for reading.

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So, it's your birthday, you just turn 18... suddenly, you're kidnapped by someone using gas... you wake up in a bedroom, laying in a bed, with someone sitting on the edge of the bed, you don't know what happened.... the man looks friendly... so you trust him.

(Sexual, will have some bdsm in it)

(Girls only)

(Be you, react how you yourself would react)

(Pp or hangouts)

Anyone want to Roleplay?
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