so can anyone here draw a good anime character  

ok am a start on the next part

ok so this is what i came up wit so far its in english,i will translate it later
(teacher) See you all next year,and have a good summer 
(takeo) See you later yusuke
(yusuke) yea later 
takeo walking home in forest,then trips further in the woods
(takeo) ah my head....hmm? what is that..a glow?
walking twards glow
(takashi) what!?
running to mystirious man
(takeo) who are you?....
notices man bleeding with bulets in chest are you ok
 (mistirious man) finaly someone.Hey kid do you have a phone?
(takeo) what?why?
(MISTerious man)I need an ambulance
(takeo) Oh alright
gives man  phone
inside hospital
(takeo) so how is he doing?
(nurse) hes doing just fine but he needs to sleep a little
 (takeo) can i go see him
(nurse) of course
inside hospital room 
(takeo) so how are you doing 
(misterious man) fine
(takeo) so who are you
(misteriousman ) its inpolite to ask for someone name befor giving them yours
(takeo) oh yea my name is takeo tsuyoshi
(misterious man)!?
(takeo) what is it?

(mister.......) is it really you,takeo 
(takeo) yes 
there hands start to glow.
(mister......)i am unlocking your powers
takashi see nothing but himself and another one of himself in a cage
(takashi) who are your 
(??????) you will find out soon enough
boy finds himself in hospital 
(takashi) hmm? where am i?
(nurse) in the hospital, we found you and some man in the forest there was a big explosion 
(takashi) MY DAD is he ok 
(nurse) im sorry
(takashi) can i please see him
(nurse) of course
(takashi) dad 
(mister.....) son im not gonna make it
(takashi) dad..
(mister......) son before i go i need to tell you run i do go  run to the house you have to b alone and...........
whispering in takashi ears
(takashi) ok 
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