Okay - Week 4 we need to split into two teams for Discussion 4.1: Virtual Debate -

2 are to take Piaget
2 are to take Vygotsky

we take turns posting w/tr/f/s -

I can do tr/f/s - Wednesday is too crazy for me. I don't care who I get...


Just checking in to see how everyone is doing.

Shall we just do the following:

Group #1
Introduction of the program
Learner control
Presentation of information

Group #2
Providing help
Ending a program
Learning theory

I will work in group #1 - Takers?

Hey Team,
We need a post that has all of our contact information so we can see it all in one place. I'm over here juggling three devices trying to locate the various Voxer accounts and Hangout info along with emails to reach you all. 
Email: tzsalloum@gmail.com(will only reply after 2pm)
Voxer: tsallo688 (after 2 pm)
Cell: (714) 606-2395 Text or call (after 2 pm)

I just posted the following in the Group Planning Area- but let's keep most everything here and in one place. I get much better notifications through Google+

The CFCs: Planning
While we work on our planning through a Google Community, I figure we can give an overview here. This list is in no order...

1. Planning and meeting is via Hangouts and a Google+ Community (approval required)

2. We need to select our 2x2 groups (partly done).

3. Start the 2.2 thread and get back to the group no later than Thursday. These are your initial thoughts, not finalized content.

4. We still need to finalize the software (for sure XtraMath), are we a go for Imagine Learning?

5. Read Chapter 3 of A&T.

6. Reply to Tarek's 2.1 discussion.

Hey Y'all,
Is anyone in charge of this group or can anyone take the reigns as needed? I ask because we need to get going on posting our plan for this week into Haiku....who is in charge of what, etc. We have to critique the two programs they gave us first before we can begin to critique the programs we chose.
On a side note, is Imagine Learning a website or the actual software/program? If it is a website, we need to find the actual software we want to use for our critique.

Hey Y'all,
I posted in Week 2 Discussion 2.1 for our group...."what is the difference between critique and evaluation?" Please review what I wrote and reply and add your thoughts and what your understanding of it was.

Okay -
I have added a generic user for XtraMath. This is a rote memorization program for math. It is K-12. I created a 5th grade generic student. If you want me to create a student at your grade, let me know.

You log in using the following credentials:

email: matthew.chapman@smusd.org
firstname: Test
pin: 5555

Test has to take the placement assessment. Feel free if you like!

I put imagine learning as a place holder. I am not sure if that is something we have interest in doing. I would like to focus on Xtramath. Who wants to work on that one with me? Do you have another suggestion?

Do we have a 4th person?

Hey there.
I figure this is an easier place to communicate than our wonderful Haiku!
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