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Name- Kriber Elimnae
Grade and Age- 7th ~ 13
Gender- Female
Sexuality- Bisexual
Demon Type- Avarage
Hair Color and Style- Spiky Gold
Eye Color and Style- Pitch black scleras and irises with a glowing white pupil.
Body Color- Skin Tone
Pattern- A cut on her arm
Extra Things- Large black wings with red tips. They can shrink when folded.
Clothing- Any shirt, a jean vest, jeans, and sneakers.
Personality- Happy, cheerful, optimistic, caring, fierce, loyal, slightly insane, has a sarcastic side and quite fiery when mad.
Powers and Abilities- Flight, teleportation, blue and purple flames, telepathic communication, not-so-strong healing, slight telekinesis, and weak lightning.
Likes and Strengths- Having friends, apples, blood, singing, drawing, performing, flying, karma, cats, and fighting bad guys.
Dislikes and Weaknesses- Perverts, bullies, people who insult her loved ones, cranberries, when people ignore her, and [food] fights.
Extra- Has a cut on her arm.


Homeroom- Math teacher
Period 1- Science/Health
Per. 2- Art
Per. 3- History
Per. 4- PE
Per. 5- Math
Per. 6- Demonic
Any After-School Programs?- No

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You see me standing at the field just staring at the sky. Even though I am blind, then a small group of people walk up to me. You notice they are holding something behind their backs

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~Hi, my name Mei. I am 16 and a female. I keep my left eye covered for I can see things no one else can see with it. It is a green eye of a doll for when I was younger I had a tumor upon the eye that once resided there. I lost my twin sister when I was young, she was my "other half". I love to draw and admire dolls, for dolls resemble death, they are hollow, onr without a soul. I am rather shy and I hope I can be welcome here.~




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I am walking past the lookers looking down trying to stay calm

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Name: Maddison

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Personality: Happy, Smart, Strategic, Preppy, Powerful, Mad/Crazy

Bio: She is popular and she is liked by many. She is powerful and she knows how to talk to people. She is blind yes but, she gets around.

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Name: Nyx

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Power: Unknown

Personality: Quiet, Fierce, Powerful, Shy, Smart

Bio: She can anger easily so watch your back. Nix may look simple, Kind and, sweet but, she isnt. She has a very high temper and she knows how to attack well. The only problem is that she has no control over her power, if she gets to an very then she losses control. If she gets to sad she losses control, basically she has to stay calm or else.

Picture: The picture below is her using her power with full control

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