Wind Sparks walked around PonyVille, she'd officially be a filly tomorrow.  School-aged. (+KiAra McAllister  and anyone else)

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Name: Emerald
gender: Male
:Race: Unicorn 
Personality: Quiet, Curious, Weak
Age: School Age (Colt)

Gonna delete the ponies I despise now that I made

 i have no idea why I post un MLP related things here xD

Wind looked at Rainbow Dash (oPen rp. +KiAra McAllister  +Kiara Pizarro  and everyine else)

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Name: Wind Sparks
gender: Mare
She's a foal
She's Rainbow Dash's daughter, Rainbow was so shocked to have a baby that she abandoned Wind. Rainbow almost died of shock (R.I.P)
She leaves behind a Red, Blue, Purple, and Orange trail behind her while she flies.

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Ask me anything. <3

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I made a brother to Marilusia :3
Also more coltsssss
Because they are need on this rp place~

Mari and Rodrick are walking around in the plaza, on their way to Sugar Cube Corner to get cake because thay want some cake..
Rodrick: So who was that Alicorn you saw?
Mari: I think she said her name was .. Sky Shadows?
Rodrick: Hmm...
Mari: I'm really curius as to how she got in...
[Open RP]
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