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Thank you for 242 members!. I have some friends who community needs love. Feel free to check it out!.

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♤♡◇♧This Roleplay Is Based Off Of A Wattpad Story I Am Reading, So The Storyline Isn't Completely Mine, But The Character Is Mine♧◇♡♤

[The Odd Were]
♤Open Roleplay♤
♡Seme Needed♡
◇Must Be Descriptive◇
♧Reposts Are Available♧


The world was very different from how it was centuries ago. Instead of vampires hiding in the shadows and being condemned to only going out at night, for safety not because daylight hurt them, Vampires now ruled the world. Humans were kept basically like cattle in blood banks, and were breed to kept the population high. There were massive demands for all blood types, some vampires preferring AB blood to O+ blood and so on. Even food chains were converted to sure foods that were vampire friendly, but still looked and tasted just as great as the human counterparts of that food item. A few demons also roamed the earth though they had limited rights compared to vampires. Then there were weres, which had basically no rights. Weres is the name given to half breeds, derived from were-wolf, though not all are wolf they could be bears or any animal but all are normally trained or natural mean, not to their owner, but trained to be guards. Weres are normally expensive and show you have money, having one as a pet or personal guard, both supposed to protect their Master only difference is pets are allowed inside there owner's house, showed how important you were, because they were also more expensive to take care of because they had to have a collar, leash, and muzzle in public places as well as have shots.


[Y/N] was dragged to a were shop by his best friend. His friend needed to get a new were for his spouse as a present and thought [Y/N] could help him pick one out. The male could already feel his disdain for the place as he and his friend walked up. He never really was one to own a were, not that he hated them he just thought they were treated unfairly. But some would say it was better than the lives of humans, which could be true unless they are ones used in were fighting pits. Outside the shop there was a 'clearance' section, looking through it was a bunch of cheap weres that all obviously had something wrong with them, some physically some not. A few had black tags meaning they had killed or harmed an owner before. [Y/N] and his friend entered the shop to look at the more expensive weres, well his friend did, [Y/N] just kind of glanced around ready to leave already until he heard a conversation between two workers. He couldn't make it out but they were talking about if they would finally be able to sell a certain were that was 'special', whatever they meant by that. [Y/N] decided to check this were out himself, and he was told that he was in the clearance section, but in the werewolf section even though he wasn't one, they said apparently he had been brought in with the wolfs and they were protective over him, so they kept him with them. [Y/N] searched outside but couldn't find a were with the tag "Oliver" on it which was apparently the weres name. He went to ask a worker, and he was told that Oliver had been moved inside because he was sleeping, to just ask someone to take him too the back. [Y/N] was slightly irritated at this point, but he went inside and was soon brought to the back room.

Once [Y/N] entered the backroom his eyes landed on the only cage in the room with a were in it and his heart melted. In the cage was a petite were in his human form. The boy who looked about eighteen was curled up wearing boxers and a shirt that was extremely too big for him. He was hugged a stuffed bear and had his thumb slightly in his mouth sleeping peacefully. First of all the were was a were-cheshire, which was a type of cat were and already was weird, because cat weres weren't breed anymore, the only weres breed now a days were the cool and scary looking ones that could be dangerous and used as guards. He was told Oliver had been the runt of his litter, and he had came out a Cheshire were with neither of his parents being Cheshire of course, assuming both parents had the recessive trait for it. He also in his human form still had the ears and tail of his were form just slightly bigger He was informed, because the weres Cheshire form was small like a kitten probably due to him being the runt. He was definitely special. [Y/N] was told he was a bit slow and acted younger that he was and that he would probably prefer one of the many other weres they had, but [Y/N] waved the worker off thinking Oliver was perfect. The worker tried to tell [Y/N] that he wouldn't be good as a guard or normal pet, that he needed to be cared for and looked after all the time, but [Y/N] waved him off saying he was more than willing to take care of the cute creature and he had more than enough money to do it being a CEO of a company. The worker nodded utterly surprised that the small were was actually being sold, but he opened the cage and slowly woke Oliver up.

The small were scrunched up his nose before his eyes fluttered open. He blinked a few times as he sat up before his mouth parted slightly.

"Good mornings, LiLi."

Oliver said, his nickname for the worker. Then his eyes landed on [Y/N] and they widened slightly. He seemed nervous, maybe a bit scared before he pointed at [Y/N].

"LiLi is he Daddy now?"

Oliver asked still pointing.
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{{_Any one want to do a long term smutty Roll-play with me I'm looking good Semes that will be rough and mean in bead but not abusive. I will do starters for anything you see below, or if you have an idea we can do that too_}}

The left is your the right is me

Father x Son
Master x Slave
Slave X Master --> I will explain this one
Were wolf x Vampire // These to are harder to come up with for me but i will try
Vampire x Were wolf//
Brother x Brother
Demon x Human
Human x Demon
Student x Student
Teacher x student
Boy friend x Boy friend {{the normal stuff}}
[[i will not do week Ukes unless you tell me you would rather have one

/// RULES \\\
(1).No one liners
(2).Full sentience
(3).SEME needed- (pleas do not switch up on me)
(4). Pleas don't leave the Rp with out telling me
(5) Have FUN~

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{{{{{ Im looking for really good Semes to do a long term smut Rp with, I don't play weak Ukes unless you need me to, and i can right up to 10+ lines if im not left in a "what do i do now" situation. I'm open to ideas for the rp, and what ever you want to had to keep the Rp going.}}}}

(( Tel me witch one you want a starter for in your comment. If i left out something you want to try let me know))
Brother X Brother
Father X son
Student X student
Boyfriend X boyfriend
Master X Slave
Master X Demon
Demon X Human
Human X Demon
Vampire X Werewolf
Werewolf X Vampire
On the LEFT is you on the RIGHT is me

#2 No one liners {{I do 10+ but if need be i will allow less as long as its not just one line}}
#3 Have FUN {{ You free to add any twist to the Rp as long as it moves along with the way of the Rp}}

{{{Place only comment if you want to do the Rp}}}

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Name: Tosho Jōkū

Nicknames: Frosty, Frostfire, Grannus

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Height: 5'2"

Species/Nationality: Water mage

Sexuality: Gay

Uke/Seme: Uke

Occupation: none

Skills: can sneak around on silent feet, can make little water animals and symbols

Powers: Can summon water and change my eye color

Likes: Reading, eating sweets, socializing, cuddling with the people he loves

Dislikes: People yelling at me, someone who is sad, making mistakes.

Fears/Weaknesses: i have a fear of disappointing people and failing a goal that i set

Personality: friendly, easy to talk to, shy when in public with none of his friends around

Background: his parents made him a trust fund baby before they left for Europe to "start a new life" when he was 3, leaving him alone with his moms sister to take care of him. When he turned 14, her sister died because she was extremely depressed ever since his mom left, and when she died he knew to put a smile on his face no matter how hard things become. He lives in a quiet suburban neighborhood with a pet owl named Glacier that he raised a few months after his mom's sister passed.
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i curl up against your side as i sleep soundly on your couch, a small trail of water running along my forehead to keep it cool.

You and me have been close friends since elementary school. You have started to develop strong feelings for me ever since 7th grade in junior high and we've become closer since then. A few days ago i got sick making you worry about me all the time and go full mother mode on me. My mood all of a sudden changed from cheerful and cuddly to depressed and leave-me-alone in the first day of being sick. You've been trying to cheer me up by taking care of me at you house and doing everything you could to make me smile but can't really figure out why i haven't been happy

As you get lost in though i slowly wake up and cough a bit wheezing softly shorty after. I look at you and raise my eyebrow

Me: is everything alright...? Your staring at me...

Y/N: yeah, everything is alright, im just worried about you.... You haven't been acting like yourself....

my eyes widen at your words and i grip onto the necklace you slipped around my neck during class one day. I haven't taken it off since because i thought i would lose it once i did.

Me: i'm fine Y/N, i promise! Y-you don't have to worry ab- i sneeze and groan a little then quickly shake it off and go back to what i was saying you don't have to worry about me! I look at you with worry on my face rubbing my nose with my sleeve. You...

(Alright, here are the rules: need male, be a bit descriptive, no 1 word responses, please be a gentleman since this is a romance rp, and send me your characters profile with a picture before starting the rp. Thank you )
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~hello I am looking for a roleplay partner. I prefer male, but it is fine if you are a woman roleplaying as a man. Here are something's you may want to know~

~i don't rp with anyone under the age of 13
~i can do up to 5+ depending if you are keeping it I interesting and if I am in a good mood
~i have proper grammar
~i can get confused easily at times, so sorry if I ask a few questions
~i am NOT good with starters

~What I'd prefer the partner to be or have~

~you need to be dominant or seme. Unless it's not that kind of rp be descriptive atleast 2+. It's fine to have a one liner every now and then
~you NEED PROPER GRAMMAR if English is not your main language then please tell me
~please no slang or emoji

~those are important things you need to know. Here are some type of roleplays I do~


~more described~

//and more//

~here are some fan based rps I do~

~attack on titan
~tokyo ghoul
~home stuck
//and probably some more//

~here are some ships that I rp~

//i know there's more//

~if you would like to be my rp buddy I will ask a few questions and skim through your profile. If I like you then we may be rp buddys, but be prepared to have a new lame friend~

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Created by +Dipper Pines
5 years now. They had got together at the beginning on their freshman year. They went through high school and graduated together. They soon ended up living in an apartment together. They made a deal to where (Y/N) would work and Shiloh would do all the house work and cooking. Everyone knew they were a sexually active relationship. They had a ddlg relationship and weren't afraid to let everyone know that

(Y/N) had rules, and if they were broken, he'd punish Shiloh, even in public. Though he wouldn't make it too obvious. Or he'd take him somewhere private and deal with it then. Shiloh had his moments where he'd get jealous and act bad to get (Y/N)'s attention. Though he knew he would be punished. He's also a very big button presser

Shiloh had many habits. He had many scars on his torso, stomach, and arms. When he was to get a hold of a knife he'd cut himself. (Y/N) knew about this SI he kept the knives hidden

(Y/N) set up a rule that Shiloh has to be asleep around 1, or he'd be punished. (Y/N) had a bad day, and it didn't help that when he walked into the house he heard loud music coming from the bedroom in which Shiloh was in laying on the bed. (Y/N) walked into the room and..

Will include; core, suicide, sex, and depression
Daddy Dom needed
Say "blood" if read all
Rough, protective, etc etc you'd know if you've done a ddlg before Male needed seme
Photo of character needed
if your not into it being ddlg I can make it to a masterxslave type
If you want his pf, ask and I'll tag you in it
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Nezumi was slightly depressed. He was missing Shion. Though, he never admitted it when Dog keeper asked him what was wrong. Nezumi was ready to go see Shion, even though he didn't want to enter his life and cause trouble again


Nezumi walked away from Shion. His heart was aching, but he knew it had to be done. When he got home he took a shower and got dressed. He sat on his bed and looked around the quiet room. He didn't like how quiet it was for the first time in forever. He had to see Shion again.


Nezumi walked around the town. He got many glares, some people recognized him, others didn't. He didn't know where Shion was, but he had a feeling it was at a pastry shop

Nezumi searched and searched until he had found a pastry shop. He walked into the building. Nobody was there. As he walked to the cash register his eyes darted through the room. He then danged the bell letting someone know he was there. He heard someone say "one second" before Shion walked into the room. When Shion realized it was him, he froze and stared at Nezumi

Hello Shion.... long time no see...

Seke needed to play Shion
Proper grammar
Please do not ask for a PP if you haven't seen the full show yet (the show is no.6)
Is a romance, and can include hentai in the future 
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im not one for septiplier but why not

I am looking for a seme to do a septiplier roleplay with me. I will be Jack or anti (submissive).

They can either be-

I will make a starter unless you want to. My starters are not very good but I'll be better during the roleplay

Please read these rules-
Please have proper grammar
4+ lines (I'll try my best to match you)
Do be extremely dominant if we do darkxanti. But still be dominant if we do markxsean
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