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A really horrible part of the user interface is the metric name box, where you cannot copy the metrics name. As soon as you click on it, the drop-down opens and you can't copy the text that was in the edit box before.

That means you can't copy it to your documentation, or even copy it to graph title. You can't update the graph title after choosing another metric. You have to retype manually, char by char, entire text into the graph name. Which of course is error prone, tedious and slow method. Something you would expect in 1979 but not in 2018.

Why doesn't it have an option "Copy Metric Name to Clipboard" or at least "Copy Metric Name to Title"? Or just let me select text in the edit box.

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So, what is Observability anyway?

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Lithium-Ion Batteries and Fuel Cells to Increase the Graphite Demand More than Treble In Next 5 Years – Market Study Report By MarketsandMarkets

Download Full PDF Brochure @

Global Graphite Market is projected to reach USD 29.05 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 5.2% from 2017 to 2022. The battery application segment is projected to be the fastest-growing application segment in the graphite market, in terms of volume, between 2017 and 2022, due to the growing investments in electric vehicles, energy storage, and portable electronics. Graphite is majorly produced and exported by countries, including China, North Korea, and Brazil, and is imported in the U.S., Japan, Germany, and India.

The use of storage batteries in an increasing number of consumer electronics and the rising adoption of the batteries in electric vehicles is projected to fuel the growth of the utility storage market. The growth of the utility storage industry is expected to lead to an increased production of fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries in the coming years. This is expected to result in the increased demand for graphite, as the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries requires 20 to 30 times the quantity of graphite to that of lithium.

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hi,how to add prefix to all url, eg:change index url "http://localhost:3000/" to "http://localhost:3000/xx"

Hi guys,

Do you know if its possible to use nested custom template variable?e.g.

Hi, could anyone help me out about how to combine grafana and lizardfs. it was not working.

when I build grafana from source,finnaly the boot.js file size is more than 1M,it is to big,how to make it less?

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Took a look at the Kibana Time Series Visual Builder. Some very promising and Grafana-like capabilities.

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Hi, Could you help me to figure out on how to configure "status panel" plugin? My question is regarding updating time between Zabbix and Grafana. When my servers are in alarm state on Zabbix, it does not update in Grafana, since I am using "Status Panel" plugin. Do you have any configuration material that you could share with me?

Thank you so much guys.

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