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My latest poem:

Midnight Oil

If front of my fireplace
Unable to sleep
Into my mind
The Thoughts do creep
Oh what joy, there could have been
Had only, I not sinned
Upon my treachery, I do lament
Hours on hours , I have spent
Satan taunts my wasted life
Filling my soul with pain and strife
As I contemplate, great unknowns
The Lord is with me
He is the marrow of my bones
In his grace, I find relief
For his great love, soothes my grief
Although there is trouble, that lies ahead
The Lord is my pillow, as I rest in bed.

Donald Zimmerman

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That's all you need. Good morning!

I have a Calvary Chapel fairly close to me and I will be going to service there this next Sunday for the first time. I am excited to go.

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"Snowy Mountain Church - Pastor Ben Soon"

Hello Friends, Pastor rejoices to extend this Warm Invitation to freely join us in our new Community here on Google+.

We shall enjoy warm fellowship in The Lord together, Win Souls to JESUS and build one another up spiritually.

Together let us actively tell the world THE GOSPEL MESSAGE THAT JESUS CHRIST CAME INTO THE WORLD TO SAVE SINNERS FOR ETERNITY. GOD bless you mightily. Amen. Pastor Ben Soon.

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More pictures of my youth room.
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Hi, could you please pray for my high school youth room? We really need it! 😢😢😢 Contact me on Google hangouts for more information.
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