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Simple enough
A simple battery tester that senses the battery power & terminals

A simple invention idea for keeping nails close to hammers etc. Have a magnetic strip which has velcro on its opposing ends. Attach the velcro with the magnetic section faces outward making it an area to store nails etc.

A fidget type device which clips around the base of a watch making porting them a breeze.

I saw this invention for a wall outlet addon which improves your internet connection by resending signals. The design is terrible. My idea was to have a wall outlet which covers the entire base of the wall outlet making manipulation of the buttons easier and the aesthetics better. Or apply the concept to a lamp base and make it easier to manipulate.

It is a total pain manuevering USB drives on your TV. So have a lamp with a USB slot which stream media to your smart TV.

I don't have a cell phone for Apple or Google pay. My idea was to incorporate a device which reads your credit data while grabbing a biometric without use of a smart phone.

Water flavor packets are a bit of a pain managing into water bottles. A dissolving pill which adds flavor to water. Maybe add vitamins?

A dry erase marker with side attachment which cleans board. Have a clip cover so hands don't get dirty.

Not so much an invention idea as it is an entreprenurial opportunity. Vend homemade popcorn next to Red Boxes.

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