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To the beautiful Brina,
Girl Meets World is my all-time favourite TV show. After seeing the first episode premiere, I died. It was such a good episode! I loved Maya especially ;)
Girl Meets World is such an inspiring TV show. The show values something so important, sisterhood.
Rowan said in an interview that the love triangle was made for the sisterhood between Maya and Riley. Like, how Maya and Riley won't let a boy get in between their friendship and tear it apart.
Maya supported Riley all this time with Lucas, even though she liked him as well. Maya let Riley have Lucas because Riley is #1 to her. That is called friendship.
Also, the plot of every episode is so good. When you watch an episode of the show, you instantly get hooked and want to watch more.
Girl Meets World is an amazing continuation from Boy Meets World too. You can see the relations quite clearly, and since BMW was so loveable, I get how GMW is VERY lovable too.
Girl Meets World is so entertaining too. Maya and Riley's friendship moments are amazing, Lucaya moments are amazing, and basically the whole show is amazing.
Girl Meets World is also one of my biggest obsessions (like Brina), and it will always be, even if it gets cancelled or moved to Freeform.
I watch the GMW episodes on my computer so I can keep up with the episodes that have premiered in America and I watch them the day after they premiere there :)
That is why I love Girl Meets World :) <3
+Sabrina Carpenter +Rowan Blanchard +Corey Fogelmanis

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Dear Sabrina,
I am excited for Sabrina's new album evolution because I know that she is going to do amazing. I am excited because she is doing her very first tour and I am so proud of her to see her grow and getting more opportunities. I am excited because I can't wait to jam to her new songs. I am excited because I love her so much and I can't wait for more and more opportunities for her. I hope that she is able to accomplish her goals that she sets. This is why I am excited for Sabrina's new album evolution.💜 +Sabrina Carpenter

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Dear Sabrina,
I love Girl Meets World because I love how it continues the story of Boy Meets World. I love the characters they are great at acting and they make you feel what they are feeling. Every episode is Great it always brings up special surprises (like characters from Boy Meets World) and I love that. In every episode I learn a valuable lesson that really can help in life. I love how when they fight but they realize that they are best friends and can't get separated. I like how they are always sticking up for each other and never leave each other's side. I can't wait for more episodes to come I know they will be great as always.💜 +Sabrina Carpenter

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To the amazing beautiful perfection Brinny,
EVOLution will SLAY everyone. EVOLution will be the best album of all time. Whoever doesn't buy EVOLution, will just be missing out on perfection.
I am the MOST EXCITED PERSON about EVOLution. No one is more excited than me.
All I think about is EVOLution. All I talk about is EVOLution. When you released the title and album cover for EVOLution, that night I couldn't sleep because of excitement.
Once the album goes on pre-order, the first order you will probably get is ME. I will buy one of the packages IMMEDIATELY.
Sab, I also hope I meet you in this era. It would be a dream come true if you came to NZ and I had the chance to see you live & meet you.
Anyways, EVOLution will be filled with my new favourite songs. It will probably be the next thing I will be obsessed with.
So, for all of you out there who think you are true Sabrinators, will you get EVOLution the day it comes out? (or pre-order)
Let me know in the comments!
Love you till the end of time Sabrina! +Sabrina Carpenter

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To my role model Sabrina,
I was a fan of you in the year 2014. I loved your songs and I loved Girl meets world. I lost track of you because I started listening to fifth harmony for a while and I heard your song "Eyes wide open" and I fell back in love again with you and I have been listening to you ever since last year. I want you to know that it was a big mistake to lose track of you. I really really love you and I love your music till this day and I will keep supporting you no matter what.💜 +Sabrina Carpenter​​​ 

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To my life Brina,
Well, I became a true & obsessed Sabrinator in end of May/start of June 2014. After watching you on GMW and hearing "Can't Blame A Girl For Trying",I listened to all of your songs that you had out then, watched all of your old YouTube videos, I waited and waited for your album to come out and I also watched Girl Meets World for pretty much half of every day. When Season 2 premiered in NZ, I started to watch the episodes of Season 2 that haven't premiered on YouTube. And I do that for every season now, because it takes a while for Season 3 episodes to premiere here.
I am a Sabrinator because after listening to "Can't Blame A Girl For Trying" and saw Girl Meets World, you seemed like the prettiest, sweetest and cutest celebrity ever, and then I started to learn and learn and learn about you.... including things like your birthday, favourite things and a LOT of creepy facts! (lol but it is true)
I am still a massive superfan/mega Sabrinator now! Nothing has changed, and I still die inside everytime you release a new song or everytime I hear your voice.
I also started to collect your merch this year, and I own quite a bit of your merchandise!
You are the sweetest, kindest, funniest, cutest, most talented, and most amazing celebrity in the world (in my opinion).
Love you forever and ever and ever and ever Sabrina!
+Sabrina Carpenter
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To my dearest Sabrina and Dove
The reason why I love Dove and Sabrina's friendship is because they are just so cute together. They are always complementing each other. They always post nice things to each other. They have a beautiful friendship because they are both honest and loyal to each other. They are both good actresses and singers. They show a good example of what an honest and beautiful friendship is.💜 +Sabrina Carpenter+Dove Cameron

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To my favorite person Sabrina,
Sadly I don't own merch yet but I would love to have some. I would love to own your merch because I love you so much and i want to support you all the way. I also want merch because I love your music so much and I would love to have a CD of my own. I would love to get posters and more pics of you so i can put them in my room to show how much I love you. This is why I would want to own merch.💜 +Sabrina Carpenter

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To my everything Sab,
Firstly, you are my favourite celebrity, and Sofia is one of my other (still in the top 5) favourite celebrities, so when I found out that you two were friends, I died inside. I was so happy!
When Adventures In Babysitting came out, it was honestly the best movie I have ever seen in my life! It was such a good movie, and the rap battle was so good. I loved that you two were rapping!
Also, S.C. Squared does mean a lot to me. You two are such good friends, and the pictures you two have together are literally perfection, like the one below. Also, you guys NEVER have rumours about hating each other, or stuff about you two feuding with each other, it is all so calm, and that is something I really love.
"Wildside" is also one of my favourite songs of all time. It is so empowering, and you two were perfect to sing it by yourselves, but the fact that you two did it together, makes the song waaaaay better.
There are millions more reasons why I love your friendship as well! But I cannot put all of them.
You two are always having so much fun when you hang out, so next time you hang out, I would LOVE to come along ;)
Love you both! +Sabrina Carpenter +Sofia Carson

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To the lovely queen Brinny,
(Not trying to brag)
I own a bit of Sab merch, and down below it is all listed!

1. Sabrina Tiger Beat Magazine
2. Rowbrina It GiRL Magazine
3. Sabrina Girl Power Magazine
4. Rowbrina Total Girl Magazine
5. Sabrina Jersey (T-Shirt)
6. Sabrina Eyes Wide Open CD
7. Sabrina Can't Blame A Girl For Trying EP CD
8. A LOT of Sabrina posters (35+)
9. Sabrina J-14 Magazine

That is my Sabrina merch! I will put it in if I forget anything!
Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you Sab!
+Sabrina Carpenter
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