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My oc or whatever. Soz it's like half human half fable or whatever and I can't be bothered to do this shit or whatever.
Name: Chelsea Hunter
Age: god knows but looks 13
Back story thingymajib: Both her parents were killed over her ancestors. Her dad was good and healed people but her mum was bad and killed people. One day their ancestors found and killed her parents. Now she is homeless and sells drugs as a living at the pudding and pie. She is also good at singing and is a bit of an alcoholic.
Likes: Singing, drugs, hoodies, beer, knifes, zombies, murder
Dislikes: happiness, children and non alcoholic drinks
Lolz she sounds like me irl.
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Name: Cheshire Cat
Age: Unknown
Gender: male
Race: Fable {Glamour but can be caught in his real form}
Weapon: Pocket Knife.

Like all the other Fables, Cheshire left Wonderland to be stuck at the Bronx. He was still able to build a reputation there. He was a Thief, a smuggler. Bigby was never able to get enough evidence to take him to the Farm. Cheshire knew how to clean up his mess. He still made riddles, still spoke sense. Still escaping sanity. He didn't know what happened to Mad Hatter, white rabbit...or even Alice. Last time he saw Alive she ran out after that..."Frisky Night". He continued to make a life in the human world. Even those he was respected but he was feared by criminals, he was a known snitch...if you get on his bad side. People find out things about you that you want to keep secret. Cheshire Cat, no matter what, was still the voice of doubt and fear....the words of insanity.

Point system

Real form
Strength: 70
Speed: 80
Intelligence: 80
Sight: 85
Lying: 85
Persuading: 65

Strength: 55
Speed: 69
Intelligence: 80
Acrobats: 70
Flexibility: 65
Lying: 85
Sight: 85
Persuading: 65

{Please tell me what I can add to make a cooler profile}

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((Open rp))

I looked around and put my suitcase down looking around at the entrance. My mother had recently died and she left me her apartment and everything in there I just didn't know what the room is and I was starting a job with a man named bigby. I looked at the sleeping guard. I dint want to disturb him. I heard the lift doors opened up and I looked towards the door and...

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Name: blue bird

Age: 20

Gender: female

Species: fable

Weapon: scissors

Power: transform into the nine tails

Occupation: works with Bigby as his partner

fable form

Strength: 60

Cuteness: 20

Intelligence: 30

Armour: 40

Human form

Strength: 40

Cuteness: 30

Intelligence: 50

With weapon: 50
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Hello! :)

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Name: Corva Brachyrhy

Gender: Fem

Age: 17

Fable: Crow from Aesop's The Fox and the Crow

Weapon: "Crow's Talons" <Hooked brass knuckles>


S/E: 15
Weapon: 15
Ability: 10
Fable form - ^5 s/e and ^5 weapon
Ability= ^2 s/e when heavily wounded
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My name is sheriff bigby wolf
I'm aged 28 (rp)
I'm a male
I like wolves cigars and sometimes mrs white
I dislike un glamored fables ,silver and things that piss me off
I'm friendly if u get to know me better
Fable point :71
Human :50
Wepons: I can transform to a humanoid wolf or a giant dire wolf

Hey I'm new here

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Can't wear clothes and glamour aren't working for me and after depression I just sit in a alley and lays there bleeding...
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