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From the article: "Unfortunately, there was no metadata to show where the data came from and how the data lake integrated with the rest of the company’s data. There was also no infrastructure for data analysis, forcing the data scientist to try to find tools compatible with the technology stack and install them. The lack of architectural design and an information strategy resulted in the project not delivering business results." This is why my colleagues and I are focusing our efforts on helping organizations develop effective Data Program Management strategies (

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Now Google wants to draw 1.5 million gallons per day from an aquifer under the coastal region to help cool the servers after a planned expansion — a volume that would make it the third largest aquifer user in the three counties around Charleston, according to South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control records.

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Wanna learn Data analysis?

Learn the first steps to getting started with Pandas for Data Analysis
Know how to create a series which is a part of learning!
#Big data #ML #Data analysis

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From the article: "Data Program Management (DPM) is the intelligent application of data management tools, technologies, and processes to improve the usefulness of an organization’s data."

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