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I added some updates on the progress at Cookie II

Thank You for the invite Selby, this place seems Totally Awesomesauce :3

Thanks Selby!

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Thanks for the invite, Selby, to Cookie II in Kitely grid.  I think this is a picture in Kitely from long ago.    

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The Metropolis grid is a non-profit. It survives upon the willing donations of people who find value in the Grid, either by living in it, connecting for free to it, making money by hosting people and companies running up simulators and renting them and by visiting the numerous events during the year of all sorts of kinds.

Metropolis is a free and Democratic place on the Hypergrid that accepts people from all walks of life and from all countries.

Only seldom do they ask for donations, and now is one of them.

Thank you kindly for the invite +Selby Evans:)

Thanks Selby.
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