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Found another faggot
Nobody cares about your raid and dox count.

The Puritans have gone to shit. What was once a respectable baiting group has been worsened by autistic raiders. I don't understand how a suck up to Lord Christopher is considered the leader of the Puritans. Preacher Gerald White was a good troll because of his baiting skills and his doxxing skills. Every modern Puritan with the exception of a few have abandoned their roots and have joined forces with terrible raiding communities. It doesn't make any sense.

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antihater foxy is an arrogant failtroll that seems to think that baiting is the only acceptable way to troll. He often goes after other trolls despite some of his early accounts clearly being based off of the ones he goes after. He's done one or two doxxes of idiots that don't know how to keep their info private and he seems to think that this makes him a threat. He's an overall idiot and he should be ignored. The idea of "only wanting attention" applies to him without any doubt.

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I didn't plan on making a post on this nobody but this screenshot says so much. Mod mentality is so nonsensical that people like this exist. People need to learn that there's a line between spending time trolling online for fun and wasting time serving an online group that you treat as an empire. Both are stupid ways to spend time but one of worse than the other.

This sad person posts images of attractive women to seem alpha but after looking through their profile it's very clear that this is an autistic social outcast. The only thing that makes them different from Donnie is that they are arrogant.

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ChaoCius is a white knight that leads a raiding group that acts merciless and unforgiving. I haven't forgotten the time when I was using Victoria Cunningham's mother's sign in info get her to make a dumb video. She went to the mighty Velvixia for help and to my surprise, she got the owner to bitch about how what I was doing was wrong and I deserve to get into legal trouble. Him doing this reveals a lot about how shitty of a troll he is. It's incomprehensible to me why he is so widely accepted as a good troll and why he is the owner of Velvixia, a group I previously had respect for.

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Never fear, those that need peer approval! Sainte is here to provide it! Other than getting Shannon West to do one or two things, Sainte's only contribution to trolls is to be friendly towards them. That's it. She has a passive aggressive trolling tactic but the aggressive part of it never does anything. She isn't a threat and that's why she relies on these bigger trolls groups.

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Azazel is just a clone of Doxxacles. There isn't anything special about him. That's all I have to say on him.

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Doxxacles/ Ginger Jesus is likely the most repetitive troll in existence. So for this post, I'm going to make a how to be Doxxacles guide.

How to be Doxxacles:
• Use the "fuck minorities" tactic when finding targets despite it being overused and obvious
• Create custom impact font memes about targets
• Only go after easy targets. Challenges are too stressful.
• Always act like you're winning even when you're not. Your fragile esteem requires constant affirmation.
• Often brag about suicides that you took credit for despite likely playing a very small part in the incident.
• Never stop asserting dominance over those like Shannon West. The second they outsmart you, do everything in your power to cause an anxiety attack.
• Have a "kys" mentality. In other words, ALWAYS encourage suicide.
• Attempt to train trolls but only be an annoying pest that needs affirmation during every argument.
• "TROLLCALL" in situations when you feel confident. This will encourage other trolls to further affirm you.

Am I forgetting anything?

Just close the fucking app and go on bout your day
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