how to send text messege automatically after invoice creation?


There is no XSLT processor available. Check if you compiled PHP with --enable-xslt and the Sablotron library (for PHP4) or with --enable-xsl (for PHP5).

This error message was generated by phpReports.

This error comes up whenever i click on sale reports.

How do I run migrate my simple invoice application online?

I have been using the application on my local computer for quite a long time now but I want have it hosted online for easy access.

I have uploaded it to web server but it refused to run without any error. This login page is just blank.

Please help.

Logo not showing in exported PDF's.

It shows everywhere else, I've tried every fix I can find.

Currently getting an error in the logs

[11-Jan-2018 19:41:47 Europe/London] Cannot open
[11-Jan-2018 19:41:47 Europe/London] Cannot open http://localhost/templates/invoices/default/style.css, HTTP result code is: 404
[11-Jan-2018 19:41:47 Europe/London] Cannot connect to - (111) Connection refused
[11-Jan-2018 19:41:47 Europe/London] Cannot open

Maybe somebody can help me. I just need a real simple invoice for billing labor. So the only fields I need are:

Description | Hours | Rate | Total

There's no tax on labor. Surely, somebody must be using it like I need to use it.


We are in a bit of an issue. We have simple invoices 2011.1-Stable and have All error reporting in PHP and also in the config file turned off but it still says "Processing, please wait" when looking at the invoices. I have read as much as I possibly can on the forum to no success. Please advise.

Hi all,

I'd like to override some standard code (in this case the email.tpl) to make it use a set of templates based on the status (i.e. reminders) of the invoice. I don't want to hack into code running the risk of overwriting stuff when I upgrade. So is there a way to override code safely?

Hey hows all, love this program but have an Error 404 , can anyone help please?

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How can I retrieve simple invoices from my dead laptop's hard drive? I can access the data, but I don't know how to reinstall SI on the new computer. Can I easily install it from the old hard drive? It is plugged into the new computer. Or do I have to download it again? Better yet, can I access my invoices from the online version of SI?
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