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Due 05/05/2018

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Write a cool story as your PC Feedback? Send me a copy. (I've printed some great stories this way. Ask Ray)

Don't want to write a story, but have information to share? Contact me on Facebook for an interview. Note all interviews are in-character.

Want to remain anonymous? The Dame prides herself on old-school journalistic integrity.

This newspaper is for the people, by the people, so I can't create it without your help.

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For Sale at the The Lucky Horseshoe Saloon, Midtown

This might be a long shot, but does anyone have a way to access the information from the Marath Suvla Archives? I want to archive some information for personal use later, but I procrastinated downloading the material and now the wiki is expired.

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Weekend weather report

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Just an FYI. I've shut down the renewal on I was the owner of that vanity domain. It should expire at the end of the month. should go on existing as long as Ro3 owners decide to let it float. So just use that URL going forward if you have a spot of nostalgia and want to access the info on that site.



If there are things you want to know about Eclipse stuff, ask.

(With the caveat that I will avoid talking about things that I think might impact Veaya's planned stuff.)

Though I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing that you should come npc for eclipse, I will now entertain you with the 'pros' of doing so:
1. Buttons!
2. Indian Springs - so close!
3. OMG it's fall! what a great time to larp!
4. Yummy food. In the fall. I know for a fact that there will be some awesome breakfasts, and some tasty evening dinners. Heck, there is an in play bar where npc's go just to spend their hard earned creds on tasty food! (and give out some good gossip, mmkay?)
5. Easy Costuming! Or hard costuming! Be a fringer and wear your shabbiest best! Be an Imperial and wear your leathers and club gear! Be a Meurlain, and confuse everyone - I mean, who are those guys anyway? (they are actually the psionic race that everyone usually forgets in lists like these...)
6. Entertain your plot committee! Or kill em! Or both!
7. Fighting, so fun!
8. Drama, so fun!
9. What? A rave? In black lights?
10. It's a 4 day! Why is that good? Because you can pick a day, and come help out!
I'm sure I'll think of more later. It's the last event ever for this game, so would love to make it awesome. :)

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In-Play location is Gate Town. At the start of the game you are still in the Lukasian Galaxy. You have not yet used the Vichama in the Gate after returning to Gate Town from Lycaea. There is an ongoing project to upgrade the Arc Terminus, and it was determined that it was the safer course to wait for that to finish before using the Vichama. That project should complete Thursday night between 9PM and 11PM. That upgrade to the Arc Terminus greatly reduces the structural requirements necessary to support the remote end of an Arc Terminus. Functionally, this means that a quick travel Arc Terminus can be opened almost anywhere on the planet. The target remains an Arc Terminus until a Master Webguide at the Gate changes the Target to another location. Some locations will require time for the orbital assets to properly identify suitable Terminus locations. In addition, the new power supply to the gate should allow for quick travel to many galactic destinations as well.

Also, the FTU is expanding the Tavern building. There will likely be construction around the exterior of that building at various times, and the FTU will be closing down the majority of that building at 8:00 PM on Saturday. The kitchen will remain open, but please use the backdoor to access it. The FTU requests that meal cleanup be completed by 8:00 PM if at all possible.

Check in: 8:30-10:00 at Tavern.
GAME ON: 9:00 PM Thursday - soft start
Sunrise: 7:00 AM
Sunset: 7:00 PM
It is NOT a full moon this game.

PCs are in the left side barracks. Right-side barracks that does not have a handicapped ramp is MT. There is likely to be ongoing construction in various IP areas this game. Particularly around Tavern.

There may be shivers out in the daylight this game. If glow necklaces aren't terribly visible, we will likely use green or blue sashes to rep the appropriate glow.

It does not appear that we will need the contingency 2-hour and 1-hour NPC slots. If that changes, we will make an announcement. We may need some of you to play specific roles that don't fit in other 3 hour structure. If so, Quigley will contact you individually.
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