If you're looking for light weight gear for next weekend, Kohl's has linen pants on sale in their Sonoma and Apt 9 sections. 

Hey Eclipse Plot!

What BGAs do we get from this event?


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Rook mastering the light whips.

Eclipse Announcement!
Additional one day will be happening August 12th at Pickett's Mill Park group site. This building is air conditioned, so at least part of the day will be spent in the cpolness. This one day will be run by special guest staff so that the Plot committee can take that time to rest and work on the last events.

More details are forthcoming - and there will also be a party the Friday night beforehand. Place for that is not yet finalized.

(special guest staff: Veaya and Adam)

Eclipse BGAs due by June 4th

Hey guys you have 2 weeks to turn in checkouts, feedbacks and BGAs.

Yes, that's the Calamity weekend, so if you play/staff/volunteer for Calamity, please turn stuff in as soon as you can so you can switch your brain over to the weird, weird West :-)

The chow sign up is very devoid of food. Please people sign up. We are devoid of main foods. Mostly protein. In this heat protein is highly necessary. Who wants to bring some good old fashioned protein like chicken strips or something?

Eclipse Rules Reminder

Negate: Negate may be used defensively to counter an effect as it is being cast at the user. The character must loudly announce "Negate [Effect]", or if negating a type of effect, “Negate [Type of Effect]” followed by the name of the effect that was cast. This must be said within two seconds of the completion of the verbal of the effect being negated. Only packet delivered or point effects can be negated. The character with Negate can also stop effects being used against another target that is within five feet of the character.

Alternatively, this power may be used offensively to remove any active effects on another character. Examples of Negate: Negate Psi (stops or removes Psionic effects), Negate Poison (stops or removes Poison effects), and Negate Pain (stops or removes Pain effects).

If an effect that is Negated is an always-on, it remains suppressed for 15 minutes. For example, if there was a nanite attack that did Negate Cyber Armor, a cyborg struck by it would lose their cybernetic armor for 15 minutes. If you are confused about this kind of use, ask a marshal.

If there was (in addition to stroganoff) Arugula salad with lemon oil and vinegar dressing -who would eat it? It's my new fave, but it's good because it's that dressing, so not planning to bring extra dressings. If no one would eat it, probably won't bother :)

Sorry if this is written somewhere and I'm not seeing it. Is the eclipse event at Camp Rutledge or Camp Daniel Morgan? I'm assuming Rutledge.

NPC times have been sent out. If you did not get one, let me know!

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