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this is the community trailer hope you enjoy

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Hey guys! I'm starting this new community "campaign" that challenges the member to learn a programming language!

I'm fluent in web development language such as HTML, CSS, and PHP

But I'm learning this programming language called Python.

If you don't know what Python is I encourage you to go check it out, in the hopes you will LOVE it.

Python, is a language that is normally called "The Hackers Language" because of its ease to use and what it particularly does, it is normally used for data analysis, but can be used for Game Development, and much more.

It is primarily used for public data hacking, but many find more productive uses for Python.

These next few months I'm encouraging, myself and you guys to learn Python Programming. Free Download at this website

Also I recommend getting PyCharm, for Python( It is a Text Editor specifically for Python). Link To PyCharm Python Text Editor:
(Get the free community edition).

Although there are many languages to learn this one is by far one of the best language to learn for the beginner programmer.

In the future we will discuss many other languages, including the not-so-common ones that are not generally used, at all.

Thank you so much, follow TECHNOLOGY 508 for more! 馃槈

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If you also want to become a major role in this community email us at 聽

Holy Crap it's been awhile! I've fell behind in this community, but I now will give a reasonable estimate on how much I will be posting now. I'll say at least once a week(Or A lot More)! Anyway thanks so much! Take care.

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This is what I had posted Awhile ago...

Why didn't they read my Post? I did some research #RoyalCarribean #ShouldHaveListen.

Reviews from the people on board of the "Vacation from Hell"
Caribbean Sea: Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Storm Report:

If your in crossing the Gulf Of Mexico,

Stay safe.

More info at

Thanks ;)

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We haven't been posting much on OS's and new tech.

But we've been really busy so I want Tech 508's members to know.

A question for the community:

Should we have forms? I may give a detailed description of why we should or shouldn't in the future. Right now we are working on a trailer, podcasts, and I'm teaching somebody how to use Windows movie maker. +mikhila sayers and I have been very, very busy and we work together so it's much easier to get this community on its feet.

My question to you: is it necessary?

G Forms

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