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This is a CLI tool to execute Google Apps Script (GAS) on a terminal.

Recently, I have wanted to have more convenient local-environment for developing GAS. So I created this "ggsrun".

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Been messing around +Bruce Mcpherson 's cCryptoGS libraries and realized that they could do with some optimization. The encryption algos all share code in common. Its just hard to tell because the code is minified. I pulled out the common parts which trimmed the size of library substantially. Currently, I only accounted for AES and Rabbit algos; the others can be added fairly easily.

Here's a gist with the changes:

I have to search for an email in a sheet. What is the best way to do this using script

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If you are trying to figure out timing issues, something that gets in the way is that the time on server A isn't necessarily the same as the time on server B.

In the case of Apps Script, this can manifest itself as a few seconds difference in time between the client running HTML service, and the Apps Script server, but in more complex environments it can be the interaction between the multiple servers that can host an app.

The unknown variability that prevents you from just asking is the network latency. Here's a very simple JavaScript one liner to get a baseline of what time one machine is versus another using a simple smoothing technique across multiple observations..

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Make and send kids reports
Teachers enter the data on a Sheet, convert it into individual pdf reports, then email them directly to the parents.

This post includes:
*Use of data validation to make drop-down menus
*Extracting the ID from a folder or file URL
*Getting data from a Sheet and writing it to a Google Doc
*Converting a Google Doc to a PDF
*Moving files to a different folder
*Adding images to emails
*Adding links to emails

The code could easily be adapted to other scenarios, not just kids reports.

I need a question in a form, where it is possible to choose the answer, which is located in google table fields A1-A5, for example.

Ideally, I need the situation, when a respondent choosing an answer in question #1 gets different answer options to question #2.
Example: I chose answer option D in the 1st question and got asnwer options from the google table A1-A5 or I chose answer option C in the 1st question and got asnwer options from the google table D2-D6

Where I can find a script for this task?

Really appreciate your help!

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looking/searching for a way to bulk import/embed charts from gSheets into gDocs.... not 1 but many....either standard feature, or code...
any ideas? highly appreciated.
I have about 60 charts on my sheet: is there a way to send/copy them in 1 batch to my g.doc? maybe through scripting.
I have checked Charts documentation, but....
any suggestions/recommendations higly appreciated.

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Takes a row from another Sheet by the value of the index (when onEdit fires)

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Apparently, it's coding's 70th birthday this month!
Apps Script Basics (5) - Arrays, the logger and execution transcript

Learn about arrays - How we can store multiple values in a single variable. Creating arrays, accessing the data in them, and looping through them

Also, I'll cover getValues() and setValues(), allowing you to get and set a range of values in one go.

Finally, we'll see how logging information into the logger can be useful, and see the steps of our code in the execution transcript, along with how long our code ran far.
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