i want to create a web app which will integrate gmail google cloud vision api and my python script for word sensing task. i am confused either i should develop whole app using one language/platform or by combining google apps script and python. i am beginner i have also difficulties in finding quotas.

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Interesting creativity. Learn how to irrigate your lawn using gCalender and gApps Script.


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Hi developers!
We are working on the next Ultradox release which will go live in November.
The new version will allow you to create enterprise-ready apps that play nicely on mobile and desktop by simply assembling a number of building blocks!
This is demo that I've created to show some of the upcoming features:
Ultradox has been designed from scratch for Google Apps and can be extended using Google Apps Script.
We are have just started our trusted testers program and I'd like to invite all of you to join!
If you are interested, please fill out this form:

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Thanks all,

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Schedule e-Mails
easy and without a spreadsheet

Processing E-Mails to create memo documents and send delayed and scheduled emails. It is a multi-language application and integrated with payment.

This version of the iBO-App is designed for public use and writen in Apps Script.
Organize your notes and scheduled emails

Did you know that over 100 million people are organizing their digital clutter with online services. Did you know that half of those had to reset their passwords once already, because of a security breach. 

Imagine there were an e-mail assistent, that organizes notes and scheduled emails - with a fraction of the known risks. You don't have to imagine, just use it with your Google account in 44+ languages.

I am looking for an example to show some sort of project overview for a certain time. A display, fullscreen, about what projects are being worked on this week, and how much is has progressed. Something like some bars stacked vertically. 

I am very bad in designing this stuff, always look for examples. We want to make our own project management a bit stricter. Now we need to visit our Projectmanagement tool, but we have a big display at the office and I want to use GAS HtmlService and the API to create some quick overview to keep everyone focussed :)

Any examples you know of?

Sharing something i ran into today which hadn't come up before. 

I haven't pinned down the exact number, but it is worth noting that there seems to be an undocumented limit on the number of fields that may be POSTed to an Apps Script webapp. This seems to not be on aggregate size of the raw request, but number of fields. I have never come across anything like this before.

logging via pushbullet indicates that the POST never makes it as far as the script's doPost() but the server returns 400

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IDE Survey
What is your favorite IDE for Google Apps Script

Based on the official documentation we have once tried external IDE, but returned to the internal IDE, i.e. Google Apps Script Editor. Now we rethink our decision with the help of a survey. We hope you will participate.

57 votes
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Other (please leave a comment)
Script Editor
Other (please leave a comment)

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I'd like to share my new Google Sheets Add-on here called Bulk Sheet Manager. It lets you perform bulk actions (delete, protect, and hide) on sheets, functionally that is already built into Excel but missing from Google Sheets. People who have to manage large quantities of sheets will find Bulk Sheet Manager super useful and a huge time-saver.

I hope you enjoy Bulk Sheet Manager and and find it useful. Please send me any feedback and leave a review with your thoughts.


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To be able to transparently forward a nice looking URL to the /exec link... would you use it?

Apps Script give great opportunities for singepage webapps.

We have numerous internal applications that need to have some sort of clickable link somewhere. Distributing the /exec link is not aestetic. Actually some projects have been a no-go few times because of this where an apps script would be the perfect 'singlepage webapp'.

Wrapping in sites is an somewhat better option but you still need to manage the sites layer.

I guess Google would need to have an option for this, since a script cannot be displayed inside a frame (frame forward). Forwarding URL is possible but it changes the address bar and that is not what we want.
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Yes, I would use it
No, never use scripts for spwa
No, bit I use scripts for spwa

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+Riël Notermans and I have been working on a new google service account library.  This removes the long delays of generating OAuth2 tokens in Apps Script.  We achieve this by using a NodeJS micro service written by +Riël Notermans to do the signing.   This brings the time to request an OAuth2 token for a user in your domain from 14 seconds to .24 ms.  
    Currently I have the service running in a Cloud Compute VM which is used by default in the library , but we have also released the source to the NodeJS signing service. This allows you to run the service  yourself in wanted. In the README you will see how to point to your personal service if needed.
   NOTE: This library is Not compatible with my previous service account library, but it should not take much to port a project to it.
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