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Scriptr is an open-source web app for writing and managing your Google Apps Scripts. Integrated with Github. Built by Jerom Dreux

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Something new to look out for if you are working with Sheets...

From the Google Cloud Status Dashboard -
"No change to report from the last update. We're still actively working to resolve issues with Identity/Authentication. Future updates will follow when there is significant progress to report.

To summarize; some long-lived OAuth tokens have inadvertently been invalidated. "

This seems to have affected Apps Script. The solution seem to republish webapps that run as "you". If there are other issues with other types of Scripts post them here so we can consolidate solutions.

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Salve a tutti, vorrei creare uno script che partendo da un modulo di Google inserisca i dati all'interno di Google contac, é possibile?

Google Apps Maker

Any idea by when will the Google Apps maker module become active? 

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Worrying development as it puts pressure on Google to restrict Google Apps Script services...

As of 2017, the Carbanak group is back with a vengeance, and they have a new trick up their sleeve. It turns out they use Google’s Apps Script, Sheets, and Forms cloud-based services. All of these platforms are used to control their command-and-control operations related to the new type of malware being spread. The objective remains unchanged, defrauding banks and customers whenever they can.

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