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Found a clever Tetris implementation in Google Sheets!

Hello everyone,

I created a table in Google slides, but it has a lot of rows so I need to set the padding of cells or text.

What is the function to set the padding in Google Slides?


Hello, sir

I have a little problem with sending email using the Mailapp method on my G-suite account.
my problem is when I send an email using the mailapp method and my email is not sent.
can anyone solve this problem?



Completely new to Google Apps Script...

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:
Clear (not delete) contents of multiple cells in a row if a cell in that same row has the value of "Complete". I'd like for this to work on all rows containing "Complete".

I have a general idea how to accomplish this for a single row, but I'm not sure how to apply to all rows.

Thanks for any help!

Hi, looking to use script to conditional format a column if a cell in that column is not empty.

I would like to use script vs regular conditional formatting just because of the sheer size of my doc, the normal conditional formatting is slowing down the doc.

Eg if between range K30:OL30 if there is a column that is not empty in that row than all rows in that specific column I want grey.

Thanks is advance

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Help please guys.

I am sending a basic form via zendesk to customers to gather the data for their requests and I want the zendesk url to populate in the forms spreadsheet.

So far I am using the place holder {{ticket.url}} and putting it as a question in the form.

it is populating the necessary url but the problem is, I don't want the customer to see the question/URL.

Is there a work around or way of hiding the question?

Few days back I shared a post on how to use Materializecss and Vue in google app script.

Here is an app that is built with the same libraries. With just a 50+ lines of simple/non complicated javascript you can make a reactive TODO App. I will be glad if this inspires anyone.




Is it possible in google sheet to trigger a list running in script by clicking in a cell.
If yes, what is the procedure?

Thank you

Need help with possible bug when 2 threads try to write to a spreadsheet at the same time?

We're running into some strange intermittent behavior. Our web application provides a form to users in which they can a) upload a file, b) upload notes from a textarea, c) upload both. The notes get stored in a new file. We have separate almost identical server-side handlers, one for files and one for notes. Each handler is called only if its corresponding data object exists when the form is submitted. The calls are of course async so they're both kicked off from the JavaScript one right after the other.

Each server-side handler
a) creates and writes a new file object (the file if a file, a file containing the notes if notes)
b) inserts a row at position 2 in the spreadsheet and writes a description of the new file into it
c) takes some of that data written into the new row and also writes the same data to a separate consolidation spreadsheet. In that order.

Everything seems to work (the new file is uploaded, the new row is created, and some of the row data is written to the consolidation sheet. EXCEPT! If there is both a file and notes data in the form, occasionally one of the new rows is EMPTY. It's there but with no data in the cells. Yet that same data has been written correctly into the consolidation spreadsheet.

I think this may be a BUG related to having 2 threads writing to the same spreadsheet at the same time. That's all we can come up with given that if there is no file to upload, or if there are no notes to upload, it all always works fine. Is anyone aware of an issue like this with Google Sheets? It is intermittent that we see these empty rows in the spreadsheet.

Thx, - Jeff

I am trying to get the actual label name from an email which is in scope at the time. So I search for emails that are starred and sent to a particular email address but when I try run this code all I see in the Log is "GmailLabel" and I was expecting the actual label name as a string.

This is the code I have:
var threads ='is:starred to:("an email address")');
//search Gmail with given query


Any idea as to why this might not be working?
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