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This one is short but sweet - do you keep Legacy up-to-date? Do you know why it is a good reason to update? Do you know where Updates is located? Let me show you.

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Free for a limited time - "How to be your own Digital Archivist" - one hour 45 minutes, so maybe watch it in two parts. =]

Yippee! So happy to be here! Been enjoying the tutorial videos and all of the posts. Glad to be a part.

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Tuesday's Tip - another quick video to show you a little bit about using Facebook with Friends, Groups & Messages. Once again I found a message that had been "filtered" for me which I had not seen. Now I have some more family information to use with my Legacy Family File. Hope you find a new genealogy friend or some groups of interest in Facebook in 2017.

Feedback from those that might be using Legacy with MAC and Parallels and Windows.

Specific issues?? Or hints.

Doing some research/thinking/consideration/contemplation.

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Tuesday's Tip - It has been a while since I have done a video tip but I wanted to share with you the good fortune I had recently went I went back to some research I had "completed" and found some new information. I thought it would be a good way to close out 2016 with a video tip!

Wishing you and yours a happy and safe holiday season and we will see you back here in 2017!

Regarding sources in Legacy 8.

As it’s been said before, genealogy without documentation is mythology. Sourcing with documentation is very clearly the best and only way to truly prove one’s lineage. But I’m struggling to come to terms with how best to do this within Legacy, and I’m hoping someone can help me see the light on this and possibly explain the methodology behind the way that sources are contributed within Legacy.
I’m relatively new to the product and began using it with Legacy version 8. I’m struggling to come up with a “best” way to do it, but my questions are not so much the steps involved, but more of the methodology behind it.
As I began my project to document my family, my goal early on was to collect all documentation that I could find. Birth/Marriage/Death certificates. Census records. Obituaries. Newspaper articles, etc. This means that I spent a lot of time making copies and scanning them to PDF, taking screenshots, etc. I became a COLLECTOR of information and was hungry to find all that I could find. But I have a very particular way of doing it, and this probably comes from the past 20 years that I have spent working in the IT field. I have my Sources file structure broken out by record type, country, state and county. I have a server in my house and I back it all up each night. Legacy is loaded on my laptop and desktop workstations and I have the file paths pointing back to my server.
But where I feel like I have a fundamental difference, is that to me, each document is proof in literal black and white. I capture images as JPEG files and documents as PDF files. I use those two file types because I feel as if they are prolific enough that they are somewhat future-proof, or at least common enough that someone in the future will invent a converter tool that can change them to whatever file type is going to be common in the future. I am doing my research for generations AFTER me, as I look to the generations BEFORE me.
For this reason, I struggle with sourcing in Legacy because it seems to use the clipboard and Master Sources to glean the information into a common format that is extracted from the original source. When I get to places that ask for a roll number of a microfiche image or a specific web address, I freeze.
Website links get broken all of the time. They also get changed. Companies go out of business and governments combine departments and revamp their websites. Is it crazy to think that would not at some point purchase and merge with Or Find A Grave merge with Billion Graves? As I write this, some small county records department has gotten a grant to digitize their old records and are feverishly working to get those musty books, microfiches, and ledgers online. Photographs too. Inks fade and wash out and I am 100% in favor of preserving those records digitally at least at the quality that they are today. That is vitally important I believe to preserving the past. But as I wrote above, the back-end location of those records is almost certain to change in the future.
So for me, my goal is to capture those records as a digital file and store them locally. I just don’t know how to properly cite those in Legacy. The options in Legacy always seem to be to link to a website or cite a repository of some sort. And that just seems silly when I am looking at an image or PDF written in the handwriting of my ancestor. Can someone please tell me how I can accomplish this in Legacy? Sorry this was so long!

Tuesday's Tip - how did it get to be December already? Most of us are now busy (some of you shoveling snow!) and others of us preparing for the holidays. Whether you have a large family or a small family to plan for, the reality is that we tend to get stressed and overwhelmed during the holidays. Oftentimes a walk and a little down time with our genealogy helps calm that stress. The holiday season is a good time to give some thought to our goals for the upcoming year (2017 - yikes!) and it is always a good time to take an hour or two to learn more about the process.

With that in mind - check out the +Legacy Family Tree Software webinars that are on tap for the remainder of 2016 - only five webinars are left this year. Whether you want to

(1) learn a bit more about breaking through brick walls (+Sharon Atkins is going to help us hone our detective skills),
(2) research and resources in the Midwest (hoping that Nebraska is part of +Luana Darby presentation),
(3) trace European Ancestors (+Julie Goucher has a wealth of information to share),
(4) work with negative evidence (another great topic from +Judy G. Russell), or
(5) learn how to navigate and take advantage of Billion Graves (with Garth Fitzner)
there is definitely something for every genealogist and family historian.

My Tuesday's Tip is to get some walks in and either watch live or catch the recording of one of more of these webinars and enjoy the holiday season.

In the meantime, my project for December is to work with the census list (found at the Search Tab) - I will be filling in the blanks for families in Nebraska (working on my Murphy family in the Midwest). Do you have a project you are working on in December? Why not share it with the rest of us. 

I am sorry if someone already asked this, but I can't find it in the search. If I want to cite the Tanguay Collection found on Ancestry, how do I do that in Legacy? What do I call it? It is a genealogical database, but that's not one of the options in the Legacy citation program.

I know it's not a primary source, but I was considering putting it in my database anyway. Do you all leave it out and just look for the original church records?

Thanks in advance.

Does anyone know the release date for Legacy 9.0? I bought the book. I am waiting for the new program.


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