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Thanksgiving is a little over a week away. In the USA that means many of us will make a trip - either across town or across country - to be with family and friends.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it focuses on family, giving thanks (we go to mass), lots of great food, and just visiting all day with everyone. There is usually a football game on in one room, a puzzle in another, family members who arrive from a distance (this year Minnesota is the most distant state represented in our gathering), siblings catching up, nieces and nephews filling us in on school and activities, and pies by Chuck (my brother-in-law).

We make a weekend out of it and get together for breakfast (usually only the adults make it!), go to the movies, and walk the lake (4 miles the day after Thanksgiving eating).

The other thing we do as a family is the StoryCorps Day of Listening. This year it is so simple and such a great opportunity to be part of history. Visit StoryCorps website to learn more about The Great Thanksgiving Listen, download the app for your mobile, and ask those 3 simple questions to any family member, hit record, and LISTEN.

I am reminding you early so you add this easy activity to your Thanksgiving tradition. And be sure to include this "event" in your Legacy Family File!

Now to make the grocery shopping list for the big day.

I've been trying to organize my files using JL Beeken MRIN system. On my paternal grandfather's side, I have 12 8th-great-grandparents, some of which are maternal x-great-grandparents. Problems (1) I follow maternal lines as well as paternal lines. Don't know how to set up those file folders to save birth, marriage, death records. (2) I have (x)great-grandparents who are 7th if you follow one line and 6th if you follow another. How in the world do I set up those file folders?

Hi I would like to join LVUG Community. I have been a long time user of Legacy Family Tree. Enjoy listening to Tessa Keough on YouTube.

I need some help in extracting some info from my Legacy family tree. Although I have used Legacy for a number of years to store my tree data, I have tended to use it at a fairly basic level.
Now, my cousin has asked for some info and I have no idea on how to get it for her. All she wants is the name, relationship, birth date and date of death for all ancestors of a particular individual so I need to select that person then list all the ancestors of that person.
She would prefer the data to be in digital format rather than hard copy.
I am thinking that the best solution would be to show it in a family tree format but really I am open to all help and suggestions.
Many thanks in advance.

What does Legacy mean when it says, "define a printer"?

Since my desktop died and I've relocated to a smaller space with a laptop, Legacy gives me grief every time I open the program (asking to define fonts) and then tells me I haven't defined a printer. In fact, I have installed my Brother printer; I'm just not hooked up to it.

This would be alright if I wanted to print something to paper, in which case I would carry my laptop from the living room into my office and plug it in. But most of the time this is not my intention. The problem is it won't allow me to print to PDF or text either.

I'm using version 7.5.

How do I include grave photos in reports? I attached gravestone photos as media to burial date and location. I've "selected" ~everything in the options I can identify. :-)

For example, in the Report Options>Pictures, I have selected the box to include event pictures and insert the actual photo in the RTF file. The photo of the person is included but not the gravestone photo.

Additional details:
No photos are included in a report for birth, christening, death or burial. Photos are correctly shown for other events that I "add" (and as a photo of the person).

My family is Southern Italian. I have been doing it since 1997.

Legacy has suddenly shown Spouse 1 and Spouse 2 to be THE SAME NAME. This is seen for ALL marriages in my entire database. LIterally thousands of names are involved. Please don't tell me I have to remove them one by one. It tells me I will LOSE all data for that spouse.
Would like to keep one spouse just delete the other name however, BOTH names show all data on children, birth, marriage, death, Notes, etc. Would like to know how this happened as all I do is enter data and occasionally a new name but main focus is getting rid of the duplicate names. Appreciate guidance.

I have just discovered that the same man married daughters in two of my lines. I have sources entered for him in both places. Is there a way to merge the "two" men? Or, do I need to delete one and add the sources, etc. to one of the entries? I'm a little confused.

Thanks very much!


In the past, I know that I have been able to edit the details of a source and have them apply to all the places where I entered that source. I entered one yesterday in probably 15 places and now need to make a correction. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks!
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