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What is Expansive Education?
•    Expanding goals for learning, beyond success in examinations
•    Individual intelligence is expandable, not fixed
•    Learning opportunities also happen outside the classroom
•    Teachers are learners, seeking and investigating better outcomes

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Delivering action research

eedNET is currently supported by twelve universities who will be delivering sessions about action research for teachers.
As eedNET grows, so there will be more universites involved in the UK and internationally.

Schools joining the Expansive Education Network are entitled to send teachers to a series of three CPD sessions, each lasting around 2 hours.

Workshop 1: Introduces the idea of Action Research, and gets you to frame your first questions

Workshop 2: a 'coaching and check in' session with your tutor to see how your research is going

Workshop 3: a chance to share findings and a celebration of your steps towards putting Expansive Education into practice

More info in our FAQ's:

#actionresearch   #teacherenquiry  
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