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Version 0.9.1

Hello people, I'm glad to announce new version of Locus GIS on Google Play. (will be available for download within few next hours)

One big change is that application remains as "BETA", but is available on Google Play for free without need to be a BETA tester registered in this group.

Changes in application are mainly based on changes in Locus Map itself. Hope all will works fine for you and that you find app useful as is now.

I'm very new to this app but find it head-and-shoulder over some of the others. My primary purpose is to collect data via an external gnss, and this connects beautifully, without needing Google Location Services. The interface is intuitive and clear, nicely done.

I have no need to spend time styling the points, lines and polys within the app, only need to do that after it's exported. But it would be handy to be able to have photo records.

Keep up the good work and thanks!!

Is it possible to apply a template (which facilitates data entry) on an imported shp file?
thank you

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換了新的分享器 群輝RT1900AC 雖然是舊產品 不過還真的比坊間的一些知名的好用 最近測試下來 不管無線還是 有線的 速度都能維持一定的穩定 終於能好好地負載我的 虛擬系統了 小運 你現在是用啥分享器ㄋ

When I apply changes on a layer style they are not saved when I re-open my project.

Any advice ?

It would be really great to be able to IMPORT and EXPORT several layers simultaniously into a new project or from it.

Another thing that would be great is Satellite Imagery as background. Google Earth, BINGaerials.. or other sources, just as in other GIS apps (MAPit, SWMaps..) offline imagery, or maps could be on locus store..

Export a project in other formats.. such as CSV, XLS or KMZ

I think you are ahead of the best GIS software in the moment. Hopping for a soon release!

São Paulo State (Brazil) map, is not working right, I really need a background map ou imagery for my region.

Hello Locus GIS community!

This app is awesome! Thanks a lot, it's a well done job. It works perfectly on my old tablet with Android 4.2.

I've noticed a little annoying thing: when I export a layer as shapefile, the entire content of the folder where I export is deleted.
Fortunately I haven't lost anything, but someone could.

Thanks again for this great work!

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Tested for Locus GIS 0.9.1

Locus GIS is a really great application. Easy to use and able to open SHP.

i able to import SHP for sample POI, all point are available and also the attribute.

-I can edit the attribute but unable to change the location of POI (Move POI)
---there is pop-out for success edit but the POI still in the old position.

-If i choose the "+", Select location, Locus GIS create new Point/POI which same as the previous. The output that i have two same point.
--i only want to move not to create a new point, if i delete, both will be deleted.

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New problems accured...
After update to new version my LGIS is impossible to read WMS-Data on all devices where LGIS was formerly intalled in older versions, in older projects as well as in new ones. Adresses of WMS Servers are checked and ok.

I installed LGIS on an additional Note 10.1 (2014) for a new employee where WMS runs without any problems (with same synced projects from other devices). But on this new machine we have several unexpected crashes LGIS by unkown reasons. We don't have such crashes in our other devices (among these another Note 10.1).
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