Based on the past concerns and failures, these are the new group agreements which MUST be followed.
*Tasks should always be individual, no group work unless completely necessary
*There wont be any freedom of choice, you get one task by the maintainers and that the task you do
People need to learn programming
*The group should try to have weekly meeting during lunch
*You may only ask for help every now and then (few times)
*If a task is given by a maintainer, you complete it
*If a person does not accomplish any task, they will be “kicked out” from the group, meaning that they will not receive any credit for being in the FDRate group and will not be given any tasks. However, if quality work is submitted the person will be acknowledged and be part of the team.
We are sorry for being harsh with these agreements but the group to function

Guys, we you gotta start working harder because some of you are already late on submitting your part. Thats ok, however make sure you submit it to me and Fernando Chero by MAY 14.

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This are the design spec for protype 2.0 . 

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Aqui esta el app map

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OK Guys, here is the plan for tha app. You should choose to collaborate in at least 1-2 tasks (can be done by groups) and follow the due dates please. Please Comment on the task you have decided.

Communication with peers in other classes
Vague design of the app, even though the designers worked
The group did not have sufficient programming skills
Designs were not streamlined
Coordination with teachers
Uneven workloads
Planning/ plan

What went WELL
The prototype was done
Almost everybody worked
The database was established, which serve in the future
Various bug fixes were made in little time
The team was motivated
Benchmarks for success were established and achieved

We will plan ahead, set goals individually and organize the group based on our failures before starting the second prototype to avoid any kind of confusion. We will also share information and constantly communicate our development to members of the group which may not in our class period. We will distribute work evenly and emphasize programing among the group. 

People we need to find out a way that we can evaluate the success of the app. Who shall evaluate the app? What will be evaluated? When will we evaluate it? Where will we evaluate? How will we evaluate.

Also, we need identify in what we failed during this prototype and make agreements or adress these problems so next time, we dont fail

We will plan ahead, and organize the group based on our falures before starting the second prototype to avoid any kind of confusion.

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ALRIGHT GEENTEEEE. Prototype 1.0 is already finished ( you can download the source code here: The app is super basic but fulfills the main objective. All I ask you are 2 things:
1. Just put a grade to teachers 1 time only to have accurate results
2. If you want to create your own account downt put your real password because me and Fernando Chero can see it. 
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