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Welcome to Mafia Roleplay!
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Welcome new players! This post should give you all the basics you need to get a profile and begin roleplaying in the beautiful city of San Deneros!

Step 1: Make your first profile!
Here are the templates for a Police or standard profile. This is the minimum required on a profile, so feel free to add more things.
Mafia Profile Template Minimum

Pets: (if any)
Weapons: (Optional but you should have some)
Likes: (optional)
Dislikes: (optional)

Police Profile Template minimum

Partner/K-9 partner: (if you are in the K-9 division)
Weapons: (Standard issue weapons only Pistols/shotguns for normal cops, SWAT may use heavier weapons.)
Likes: (optional)
Dislikes: (optional)

Step 2: Know your Factions.
Here is the basic list of families and their dons.

Dead/old families/factions.
- The Lavvei Family (Defunct. Bankrupt. Don is deceased.)
- The Shepard Family (Liquidated)
- The Ashima Group (Sleeping with the fishes)
- The Order (Purged by the Hikoto)
- The Valentine family (Assimilated into the Hikoto after Don disappeared)
- The Mariane Family (Inactive, Assumed to have returned to France.)
- The Yamaguchi~Gumi Family (Inactive, Assumed to have returned to Japan.)
- The Xionus Family (Destroyed by Hikoto, assets lost.)
- The Apex Family (Don assassinated by Hikoto)
- The Shroud Family (Unknown, inactive.)
- The Skotonung Family (Unknown, inactive.)
- The Salander Family (Don died, unknown circumstances)

Step 3: Start Roleplaying!
Get out there and have fun! You can do many things in this city, legal or illegal. Just be smart about it. There are powerful people at work in this city, play your cards right, and they won't sink your boat!

Feel free to ask questions about things if you don't understand things, we're also always looking to improve the community, so feel free to give suggestions!

Uhhh everyone Dead?

I'm making something new, would anyone be interested in helping me make ourselves a new place to romp?

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//Starter for +Rora Kurtiss when OC gets approved.//

//Forgot to add, basically playing The Twins : but other OCs involved with the Irregulars might make cameos.//
{[STARTER : Action/Adventure/All-Around Genre]}
//Stand Alone RP//


[Location and time of day: Seedier area of the city, Ye Olden 2nd Hand Shop and Scrap Yard, early morning]

The garage was still quiet, most of the mechanics and scrappers have not come in yet. There was an unkempt man in dirty overalls by the door. He was lazily swiping at his smartphone that was emanating game music, affecting a scene of being oblivious to his surroundings. The stillness was then broken by an approaching Hayabusa. It slowed down at the front of the junkyard as the man stood up. He inclined his head, showing respect to the newcomer as he killed the engine and threw the keys over to him. The man bowed once more, already used to the quirks of the Irregulars' principal bodies.

The person entered the garage and went up the metal stairs to the main room upstairs. Removing the helmet revealed , bright, blood-red hair and the pale blank countenance of Nathan O'Reilly. He placed the helmet on a nearby shelf and opened the door to the room they use as an office. His grey-green eyes fell on his twin sister, reflecting concern as he entered the room filled with silence.

Echo O'Reilly sat on the chair, with her feet propped up the desk as usual, a book on her knees. Two disassembled pistols lay side by side on the table, Nathan noted that they were the newly delivered 'Soratnik' and the original CZ-75. His eyes narrowed slightly, brows furrowed at the sight.

'Ah am okay. Din'nae worry that heid of yours, Nathan.'

'. . .'

'A am' nae a bairn anymore. Dinnae fash 'yerself.'

'. . .'

Echo sighed and placed the book down gently on the table, earning her a frown from Nathan.

'Gonnae no dae that! Ah, Nathan, lad! Ah can be quiet, 'ye numpty.'

She stood up and walked over to him, giving him a re-assuring hug.

'Twas indeed nasty last night, in't it no? But it has t' be done.'

Nathan remained quiet, recalling how he found her beaten and bloody, in the middle of the stage in The Theater. In lieu of the missing Kaase gang's leader, she took over a failed initiation of an Irregular. She took the responsibility and pain that the failed candidate may inflict on the gang members. She has earned the respect of many last night but he feared how it would affect her mentally and psychologically. She was not supposed to be the one conducting those trials. But for the moment, as long as there's no new head for the Kaase gang and the Overseer remain incapacitated, The Twins have to take over the management duties on the docks.

'Cummoan, Nathan. There be other things we 'ave t' look on.' Echo lets her brother go and walks back to the table. He followed her and looked at the small petri dish she picks up to show him. 'Ti's the same RFID implants we found wit' th' shipment half'a year ago.'

Nathan frowned, taking the dish from her. He walks over to his computer and typed a string of commands as sound-proof panels suddenly slid in place from the seams of the room. A quick sweep of an infrared detector from the lamp overhead made sure that there was no spying equipment within the area. Satisfied that the office was secure, The Twins discussed at length the information they have gathered for the past six months concerning the RFID chips. The Twins mapped out the information and the manufacturers, tracing it to the source and seeking the ringleader.

They came up with a name Lucien Gale McAlister, CEO of Stanley Biometrics.

'The hunt begins.'

A wide grin graced Echo's lips as Nathan returned the room back to its normal state. Due to the high profile of this person, they will need an assassin.

**Images are not mine, only used to enhance, give an idea of the background of the roleplay starter.
**This is a work of fiction and is in no way connected nor a representation of actual events.
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Opening file of The Lily


Warning: File has been altered and corrupted by an unknown source.
Proceed anyway?



Opening File

Quote: "I do kill, for a price... And as long as it follows my rule
Name: Double L, Lily
Age: 17
Gender: female
Family: Tentatively League of Irregularity. She isn't in it yet
Rank: still not in the faction/family yet
Appearance: Error: information has been removed by an unknown source
Pets: none
Weapons: There is an empty space here...
Likes: This spot is also empty
Dislikes: it may seem odd, but this spot is empty as well...
Bio: There is something written here... finally... but it doesn't really give away information Hah! Nah. ~ LL

sorry it doesn't have a lot of information. It will be filled in as I rp with everyone, and as everyone tries to figure out this character. If you really want the extra information not here, please pp me and I mau give it out privately

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Gabriel smiles as he's released from an interrogation room with a black eye and a bleeding nose, you were posted in an ally ready to kill him for a contractor, Isaac grabs the handgun he starches and started heading down the alley
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Anyone wanna rp

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Name: Basta Hanson
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Department/Division: FBI
Rank: Private Investigator
Appearance: See photo
Partner/K-9 partner: none
Weapons: Two Sig Sauer P220 handguns, shotgun
Bio:  Hanson was born and raised in London, England. He studied at Oxford University in Criminal Justice. He studied abroad at Harvard University. He eventually moved to Washington, D.C. There he joined the FBI. He became a great agent and eventually got the title of Private Investigator.
Other: He has a Cockney accent

Another day, Another business freak out. When the ones with power aren't robbing banks, or ransom, casinos. Usually their money come from trades. Gun trades and especially drugs trades. Drugs, an addictive product that makes the seller happy and ruins the customer. Especially Meth. A well edited product. and the Mikhail Family was the ones usually selling it.

Lately, business has been usual. Until, a group started to buy the meth for standard customer price but then sell it to others. Some of the family didn't care but a few did. They found it disrespectful. One group dealers of the Mikhail had a debate, going back and forth about what to with this group... at first the debate waited for the one who sold the drugs to this troublesome group...but the dealer never showed up... he was later found dead in a parking lot an usual customer. Luckily, the addict was loyal and called the family first before the police. That addict was pleased to hear about his new discount for future dealings. Now the debate grew worse, now not knowing who this group was. This pathetic debate made the cash flow in slower, because the distraction Andy the fact the usual addicts were buying from this group for a cheaper price... Mikhail's dealers couldn't decide what to do.... so...they contacted people from the top of the family to help.....hopefully...only time will tell.

Today, the dealers met up at inside a Pawn shop's basement, hoping to see the new help the top will send them.
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