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Welcome to this ded community!

Have fun! 

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(If anything needs changing on this profile, plz let me know. )
Name: The Anti-Godzilla Weapon Version 4 (Mecha Godzilla 4)
Age: 40
Gender: N/A (But is sometimes referred to as "he" or "it" )
Personality: Smart, Calm Headed, Can be Pushy at times
Powers: Ion Beam, Drill Hand, Chest Buster (Alpha Ray), Hover With Boosters. Blue Maser Beams (With Garuda), All-out Attack (Uses All Weapons at once)
Equipment: The Garuda V2 (Attaches to back)
Height: 115m
Weight: 140,000 metric tons. (140,500 metric tons with Garuda V2)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Bio: 11 years after the events of Final Wars, it was decided to build a new Mecha Godzilla in the year 2015 after a reported Kaiju attack. He was finished in a surprising 2 years and by 2017, this new weapon from the Human Race could be used to protect humanity from the Kaiju who threaten their existence.

There will now be tournaments, Kinda like the other community, justice force. If anyone wants to be in round one, tell me and I'll make it. Give me a link to your profile tho

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Name: Dragadon Zorgash
S.O.: Straight
Allies: Darkest Night, Cerberus, Hell hounds, Cyber Saleos, Rocky.
Likes: Death,Gore,evilness.
Dislikes: Goodness
Absolutely hates: Ultras and his father's killer
Forms: Human form, Dragon form, Ghost form, Ultra Dragadon, Darkest form
Personality: Rude, Mean, Cold, Angry, Relentless, Keen
Family: Mother: Unknown
Father: Saleos Zorgash
Bio: Dragadon's father, guided him everywhere throughout his life, he taught him everything he knows. By the time he was 5, he already destroyed a dwarf planet. Later on in his life he went into battle with the Vortaak. Dragadon was overwhelmed with Alien Kaiju, and died. Saleos grabbed the body of his son and left the mothership. He swore vengeance on the Vortaak, and later on destroyed the mothership. Saleos gave his son a funeral, and moved on quickly. But now that he has 2 other sons and now is dead, Dragadon must take the role of Saleos, which he has.
Powers: Spits deadly acid, Ultra ray from chest, Ultra ray from mouth, hand rays,Ultra rays for each eye , Death ray, (All rays combined), Super ray, Burning skin,Magma ray, Teleportation, flight, force field, shape shift, Ultra Dragadon, Blade Wing, Spear tail, Armor and Gauntlets made out of the strongest rock, a Death Sledge Hammer, Adaptive tissue, telekinesis , temperature immunity, revival tactics, lightning manipulation, technology manipulation.
Weakness: A being as powerful as himself
Gender: Male
Age: 231
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Quote: "I am the voice, the one that speaks inside your head, the one that whispers wicked things, evil, vile, terrible things. I am the cold chill that runs down your spine...that tell's you you're not alone, you thought you saw me in your closet and you did, you thought I was hiding under your bed and I was. Now you're trying to run away from me, but we both can't run forever, you get tired, I don't, when you slow down, I'll catch you. The daylight will leave you forever, it will betray you, you'll find yourself in complete darkness....and the darkness is my world. Once there, there will be no escaping me and you will suffer for all eternity."
Name: Ryla
Age: 26 (biological) 20 billion (actual)
Species: Immortal Demon/Extradimensional Entity
Sexual Orientation/Preference : Bisexual and none Preferred
Relationship Status: Married
Sexual Partner: Alexandra O'Driscol  
Likes: Flying, Causing Fear, Stalking, Hunting, The dark, and Killing
Dislikes: Sunlight, and being talked down to
Weapons: Claws, Fangs, Fists, Magic, Etc. depends on the form she's in
Skills: Transformation, dark magic, ability to bend space and time, ability to travel through any dimension/universe, shadow manipulation, flight, and the ability to breath fire
Height: 6'2
Weight: 290lbs.
Ethnicity: 1/4 mexican, 1/4 korean, 1/2 australian
Personality: Cheerful, mellow, and slightly sadistic
Build: Athletic but slightly paunchy
Appearance: Youthful freckles, pointed ears, a creepy stare, and her teal blood gives her skin a bluish tinge
Title: The Immortal one, The Dark Terror, and The Undying Horror
Bio: Being an extradimensional entity she sometimes comes off as a living cartoon, her green sclera's stand out even at a distance, and her true form is a mass of amorphous alien matter which occasionally shows through*
Affiliations: Alexandra O'Driscol, Dandela
Theme Song: Mz.Hyde by Halestrom, Light that never comes by linkin park, Trouble by Neon Jungle
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Anyone still alive here?

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Name: Cybergomora
Age: none
Height: 45 meters
Gender: none
Homeworld or Home:earth
Species Gomora
Country or planet that built robot: Japan, earth
*Personality:*Friendly only to Ultraman X, other ultras, other Gomora's (except Mecha)
Powers and Abilities: Cyber Gomora possess huge claws that enable him in his melee combat.
Digital Shield, Cyber Gomora's claws are capable of using as shields. As shown, when it covers itself with gauntlet, the "G" logo shines and releases digital walls that hold incoming attacks before tossing them aside or reflect it back to the opponent.
Energy Punch, Cyber Gomora can charge it's claws with energy to deliver a punch attack.
Mega-Ton Tail, Cyber Gomora can use its tail as a makeshift club, swinging it in a high velocity.
Cyber Super Oscillatory Wave, Cyber Gomora's finisher attack. Gomora firstly charges its energy from its claws and horns before glides towards the enemy and impales them with its nasal horn to deliver a large shockwave impulse.
Weakness: None
Family: Gomora, Reionyx burst Gomora, EX Gomora, earth Gomora, Gomora II
Bio: Created by Xio's Lab Team, Cyber Gomora is an cybernetic/artificial version of the original Gomora built for the ultimate biological weapon against monsters and alien threats.
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In a Abandoned Research Facility, ViperWolf and his StingBat Colony feast on their kills. A total of 11 Capybaras, 5 Okapi, 13 River Otters & 14 Lemurs were brought back to the Colony who stayed in the Research Facility. The entire Colony had to share the kills, some didn't like the idea of sharing and fought over who got to eat first. But everyone in the colony was able to get enough. ViperWolf wanted to eat part of one of the Okapi alone and he was able to eat alone in a empty hallway. ViperWolf could hear something coming from down the hallway and left his kill to investigate. He climbed up the vines that covered most of the walls and the ceiling and headed towards where the sound was coming from.
((Open Rp))

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"Why is everyone such a pyrophobe? It's not THAT scary, is it?"
Name: Dawn Nilestair
Age: 29 years
Race: Possessive Flame wraith
Height: 15' 4"
Weight: 209 lbs (Wraith form is weightless.)
Powers: (Despite Dawn's origins being Welsh, the majority of her powers are named in Latin.)
Igneus Flagellum - Summons a flaming whip. Burns. duh.
Necesse Est a Flamma - Binds an enemy in flames. Also burns.
Liquatis Subtractio - Vaporizes liquid material in a victim's body (blood plasma, water, etc.)
Auferte Forma - Vaporizes Dawn's pyrotechnician suit, exposing her true Wraith form. Powers are twice as powerful.
Maledictus Ulcus - Cursed flames. Cannot be put out by water or air deprivation.
Ego Vocabo te, Satellitibus - Summons various flame-wraiths to assist in combat
Foliis Venenosa - Spawns an enormous cloud of smoke (which does contain CO. Deadly to breathe in.
Maledictus Flammeum Flagelli - Cursed flame whips.
Ignis in Nube Noctis - Covers the sky in smoke, rendering light useless. Darkens the arena/battlefield drastically.
Resistance to fire (most types)
Resistance to airborne poison gases
Resistance to injected venom
Contact with enemy flames amplifies Dawn's power 1.2x
Contact with enemy airborne poison gases heals Dawn
Weapons: Flamethrower, Cursed Flamethrower, (cursed) flame whips, fire-amped melee
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Name:Night Hunter
Personality:Quiet and Brutal
Powers:Pounce,Tendril locomotion, Horde summoner spit, UV suppress spit, Acidic spit, Tackle,Ground pound, UV heal, Howl
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Bio:The Night Hunter was mutated from the best runner in the Tower Kyle Crane which happened when he drank a poisened cure for the Harran virus and now protects Incubating Volatiles.

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