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This community is not for the submission of new Portals. Any new Portal submission posts will be removed. Pokémon GO players should visit for more details about that product.

The goal of this community is to enable Ingress players to help us identify high quality portals that were rejected or taken down and worthy of another look.

Use this community to appeal a rejection email from NIA OPS for:
-Submitting a new Portal
-A Portal edit
-A Portal removal request

If you have noticed that a Portal has been removed - you can appeal that action using this community as well. Any other submissions will be removed. Please use the submission template at the end of this post for your appeal. Any posts not in this format will be removed. Any posts containing more than one portal appeal will be removed. Please submit one appeal per post.

We evaluate all Portal Appeal candidates against our Portal Criterai found here - If we overturn our decision we will add a #CoolPortal to your post and if we decide to stick to our original decision, don’t be disappointed, just #KeepDiscovering .

We will also remove Portals if they present immediate physical danger (e.g., in the middle of a road or on railroad tracks). Portals that present immediate physical danger should be reported here: We take these reports very seriously. Reports about other types of removal requests will not be addressed and abusing this form may result in your account getting suspended.

====== APPEAL TEMPLATE =======
Appeal Category: <Rejected Submission, Rejected Edit, Rejected Takedown, Portal Removed>
Portal Title:
City, Region and Country:
Ingress Intel Link:
<Attach photos of the Portal, maps, or other information to support your appeal>

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Appeal type: Invalid Portal

Portal name: Black dog

Location: City of Edinbugh

Lat/Long: 55.95102827 -3.20274867

Intel Link:,-3.202672&z=17&pll=55.951171,-3.202672

google map link :

details : portal doesn't exist it was temporary charity box has since been removed should never have been accepted in first place.


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Appeal Category: Rejected location Edit (Portal Location)

Portal Title: Popeye
Portal location :,166.90635&z=17&pll=-22.324829,166.90635

This portal has wrong location and is on a industrial site as you can see in the screen shot of google map I will join to this post.

I will also post some pictures I took this weekend holding a phone with location on dispolay so you can see where it realy is along witha screen shot of the picture's exif data so you can see where it was taken. (I'll also post in my first comment the raw exif data)
On those pictures you can see that this is a painted door but the portal is currently in the middle of bushes according to google maps.

True location of this portal would be :
22°19'12.6"S 166°49'25.3"E (-22.32017833, 166.82368333)

Please +NIA Ops move popeye at its real location.
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+NIA Ops

This portal is located inside a closed condominium, where only locals have access, looking through the Street View is easy to notice only one source, through Intel,,-43.95512938499451 & z = 18



we found some more fonts, the same being analyzed it is clearly exposed the photos taken from various angles!
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The portal,13.655277&z=14&pll=54.141343,13.662899 Atomic reactor Unit 6,13.674674&z=15&pll=54.13809,13.66713 Turbine EWN Haupteingang and,13.669439&z=16&pll=54.137975,13.668147 KKW Gib-Dampf Aussteller are on the area of a nuclear power station and of course only for the employees. Absolute not public and the portal is dangerous to enter. Please remove the portals in the sense of the health of your players

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Appeal Category: Rejected Submission
Portal Title: Virginia Inn Fountain
City, Region, and Country: Lawrence, KS, USA
Lat/Lng: 38.971247,-95.270455
Reason/comments: Fountains are a 5 star category as long as they're in a safe location and can be accessed by pedestrians. Appeal the rejection of this candidate as I believe it is in a safe location, existence can be verified using street view (see attached photo).
Ingress Intel Link:,-95.270455&z=18
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Appeal Category: <Rejected Submission>
Portal Title: Font Sant Muç
City, Region and Country: Carrer del Sui, 2, 08445 Cànoves, Barcelona, España
Lat/Long: 41.693707, 2.354257
Reason/comments: Portal rejected. OPR guide says this should be a portal and it is in a city with very few portals.
Google map:
Intel link:,2.354263&z=18

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Appeal Category: Rejected Submission
Portal Title: Moc Siła Witaminy
City, Region and Country: Kielce, Poland
Lat/Long: 50.867592, 20.643932
Ingress Intel Link:,20.643564&z=19
Street View:
Reason/comments: "Your candidate is a duplicate of either an existing Portal or one that's too close to another live Portal to be safely Hacked."

This candidate is a mural. One of three, similar to each other, neighboring. One was accepted and the rest rejected.
This candidate has been rejected most likely as a duplicate of an existing portal, which is not true. I think so because the photos of this rejected portal (both submitted by me and others) have been added to an existing one.
Google street view is out of date, so I added a current photo sphere from the playground around where these three murals are located. It is clear that they are three different murals in three different places, separated from one another.

Currently existing portal:,20.644005&z=17&pll=50.867928,20.644005
Coordinates of the rejected portal: "Moc Siła Witaminy": 50.867592, 20.643912
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Appeal Category: <Rejected Submission>
Portal Title: Piscina Municipal Cànoves
City, Region and Country: Avinguda Mirador del Montseny, 253, 08445 Cànoves, Barcelona, España
Lat/Long: 41.689972, 2.359229
Reason/comments: Portal rejected.
Google map:
Intel link:,2.359337&z=18

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Appeal Category: Rejected Submission
Portal Title: Bowing Thespian Bike Rack
City, Region, Country: Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Lat/Long: 38.973591,-95.302854
Reason/comment: bike racks promote physical activity which is a valid portal criteria. However I don't believe every bike rack should be a portal. However, when there are unique bike racks I believe that is a special exception. In this case the bike rack was custom designed and built for the theater and suggests actors holding
hands and bending downward in a company bow at the end of a performance. Here is a link to the Ride Lawrence website write up about the bike racks at the theater. The theater is relatively new, so it's not in streetview, I've added a satellite view diagram indicating where the rack is, along with parking and sidewalks.
Intel Link:,-95.302854&z=18
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