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Alright here are the rules: You will play another week if you were not picked to come back and wish not to be erased
You will be erased. No God-modding and no hate. Hentai is allowed but it must be done in secrecy! Here is the profile layout:
(I was gonna say Bio but I don't think its necessary and I may ask to see if weapons and abilities are ok)

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(( i just sort of want to make a profile here encase it takes off.))

Name: Adrian Tepes (tells people to call him alucard.)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Role: player

pin number 216, AKA:black venus.
pin number 159, AKA: Live slow, die fast.
pin number 143, AKA: Go 2 heaven
pin number 127, AKA: Whirlygig Juggle
pin number 141, AKA: Demons hatred
pin number 086, AKA:Yoshimitsu
pin number 095, AKA:Kusanagi


double jumping: he can jump twice in the air. need i say more?

beast mastery: he can talk to and order animals to do his bidding as well as understand what they are saying.

linguist: he can read, speak and write in most languages known to man.

mythology knowledge: he has a great understanding of all things mythological. but this doesn't give him any powers or magic, he just knows alot about the subject.

Entry fee: his original personality, as he has forgotten who he actually was and can only remember what he learned about the son of vlad tepes(dracula). thus, he believes he is the reincarnation of the vampire alucard with memory loss.

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Name: Keinamura Tetsuya
Age: 20
Role: GM
Alright ya sons of digits you listen to me! CRUNCH! Im running the ground show and moving you all on a transverse ray that ends at your demise. QAD, class dismissed!
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Name: Nightmare Vladimirescu
Age: Unknown but looks 20
Race: Reaper
Role: Courtier Reaper
Look, I don't have time to play games with you...but if you mess with me heh...good luck trying to live
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I myself will play a composer until further notice
Composer picks any proxys he has
Only the proxy can have psychomancy/mastery of all psyches
All other players pick what you can use for psyches
For the first week i will also be a GM, after that the responsibility will be passed around between reapers
Mods are Courier Reapers
Ask permision to be a reaper
GM will give missions daily once the week starts
Dying is erasure and is final, if you die your partner has 24 hours to repact with you, which can be done if your soul is kept and put into a pin, though this turns you into a noise.
All players recieve pins; the player pin, pyromancy, and shockwave
The pin equip limit is six
Pins can be applied to items
Everyone starts ¥2,000.
I will assign shop owners
Adult RP is allowed, just do it in private

There are of course alot more places in the game, for now we will stick with what we have (we reaches the max categories)
All OOC discussion, questions, announcements, and mission postings will occur at CAT street at my cafe, lent to me by my dad Sanae, The Wild Cat.
All profile postings are at the statue Hachiko, you wake up the first day at the scramble crossing and make your way to hachiko where you will meet other players to partner up with
As partners when you battle you must work together. You cant see eachother because you fight on two different planes of existance.
The noise exist on two planes and must be defeated in both in to truly die.
When fighting combo attacks will produce a light puck which will be passed partner to partner, doubling your attack power and will grow more powerful as it is rallied between the two of you.
Each time you and your partner attack the same noise at the same time you will gain a sync point. After you aquire 3 you will sync level 1 and can do a duo attack acrossed both planes. Each time you level it it takes one more point to gain a level but the attack becomes more powerful.
You can only use certain attacks with certain pins, and can only use the pin types you specify in ypur profile

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Here, this is supposed to be the description
First off, i will explain the general Idea of what the UG is.

The UG (or underground) is a plane of existence that is slightly higher than world in which we live. Each city district has its own, but the only known rules are from Shibuya's district. It use as the playing ground for the Reapers and where they hold their weekly games. People in UG cannot be seen by the living in the Real Ground (RG) unless specified otherwise (such as in specially marked shops.) Within the UG there exist monster created from the remains of souls known as Noise, which can be easily identified by their tribal tatoo like markings. There are also Taboo noise, which are strong noise that can only be attacked by a player in a duo of partners holding the light puck.

The game:
The game is way for the recently deceased to get a second chance, each participant must pay an entry fee, games in sucession cost the same entry fee, but you will get your entry fee back upon completion of the previous game. The entry fee is what the player values most, the only way to get it back is to win the game, which is specified by the GM (game master) and composer.

The structure of the UG is as follows:
Composer (highest angel: decides rules of UG and game, basicly the God.)
Angels (the only known sub category is the position of producer, which is considered a low ranking angel.)
Game Master: highest reaper, decides missions and conditions for players. Must be defeated the last day in order to win
Top reapers: highest ranking reapers, collaborate with Game Master and assure the rules are not broken
Field reapers: reapers that hunt players, must utilize noise to hunt players until the fourth day of the game, at which point the reapers are allowed to directly attack players
Courier reapers: make walls to block areas off and set conditions to pass through.
Proxy: a special player directly connected to the composer. Not much is known save the proxy is always given the skill of psychomancy, allowing him/her to use all payches connected to all pins.
Player: the players of the game. Unable to attack without a partner pact and will die in a single hit ((all characters upon entry are players))
Noise: monsters that are created to hunt players.

The reaper games:
Besides the main game there are three known games reapers will play with players.
Tag, hide and seek, and reaper creeper
Tag: players catch the reaper
Hide and sink: players find the reaper
Reaper creeper: players move a coin to make a decision that will effect a person in the RG.

Not alot is known about the denizens of the RG, but it can be infered that those up to the GM were once living people who played the game who decided at the end of their games to become reapers. Making it to the end of the last day four things can happen if no rules are broken
You will be brought back to life
You will become a reaper upon choosing it.
You will play another week if you were not picked to come back and wish not to be erased
You will be erased
If you have broken rules you will either be erased or forced to play again.

I will assign those who are mods or owners can be courier reapers without permission. You can block access to places ((make a post announcing whats blocked)) and make the side-quests that unlock it when asked by a player. ((I suggest you look up examples and utilize what you can. INCLUDING THE REAPER REVIEW))
Places that cant be accessed without story arc involvement and special permission are Pork City and trail of sinners
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