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I distinctly hear meters when it should be saying minutes, for example Flight 911 is 7 meters late instead of minutes. Anyone else experience this ?

How come I can no longer manually add a hotel via the android app? For example, if I don't have a hotel accommodation but am staying with a friend, I can no longer just input this info. In addition, if I don't feel like hunting through my emails and it's faster to just input the hotel...WorldMate fails to find the hotel (probably because it's sold out). I realize it's available on the website, but can you please return the hotel addition back to what it was? Thanks!

Is this still in beta?  I downloaded v 6.1.3  to a device and am not able to load the widget in my HTC Blinkfeed home screen replacement.  I was going to try it on another device an actual HTC but Google play says the device, HTC Droid DNA, is incompatible.. Did I miss something what changed?

reverted back to 6.0.4, widget selectable/working again in HTC Blinkfeed launcher.

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Hi WorldMate beta testers - a new version (6.1.1) was just released. 

We added support for signing in with a Google account, many bug fixes, and performance and design improvements.

Although not a beta - feedback is always welcomed!


Just noticed that the get directions button on the flight details page provide directions to the flight destination instead of the flight origin. I may and do need directions to the departure airport but not directions to where my flight will arrive.

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Here is mine

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Dear Beta testers! As of yesterday, the new version of WorldMate for Android is generally available on Google Play:

We couldn't have done it without you! Thank you for the detailed feedback and suggestions... As a token of our appreciation, every beta tester will receive over the next couple of days a free year of WorldMate Gold. 

Please keep on sending your feedback, and don't be shy about rating us on the Google Play store ;-)

Yours truly, The WorldMate team.

When going to the airline Web site for online check in, i.e. 24 hours before the flight the display is too small and cannot be resized making it almost impossible to read or fill in. I am on Samsung Note 3 screen.!
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