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Basic community rules

[1] No spam. This means so advertising other communities, no unrelated content, no memes and no resharing posts that have already been posted in the community.

[2] Explicit imagery and content is not acceptable. This means and hentai, ecchi, strong swears, gore and excessive amounts of blood are banned.

[3] Posts must be in the correct category if you do not want them deleted!

[4] No bullying or hate speech, you will be removed for being rude to any members or moderators.

[5] No links, period!

[6] No bait posts. (reshare, +1, comment.)

[7] No shout outs, advertising other people or asking people to follow someone on anything.

[8] No arguing with the moderators or the owner, if you have concerns about the moderators come to the owner.

[9] This is an English speaking community.

You get warned when you have constantly violated the rules.
On the first/second and third infraction you will be warned, after that you will be removed and/or banned.

Well, that's it please enjoy this community and be nice!

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She looks cute now lol

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Attention Members!!

As you can see all of your posts are gone, I remade the community and gave it new life! I hope you understand and you all continue to be active. Please share this community with your friends so that they might enjoy it as well and so the community can grow.

Thank you everyone!!
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