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For accurate automotive parts manufacturing identification - it all starts with a #label!

Be sure your labels can withstand exposure to the elements in harsh environments. While the quality of a #LabelPrinter or #BarcodeReader can also impact accuracy, compliant readability usually begins with the characteristics of the label or tag itself. Select the right label for the right job!
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Recently, many Beijing Mobile users find that, they can swipe their NFC phones to buy books in the Beijing Books Building. After choosing books, they only need to swipe mobile phone on the POS machine to complete the payment.

The reporter has come to the Beijing books building to experience the convenient shortcut called "NFC buy book". Reporter take with a NFC supported mobile phone and replace a NFC-SIM card in advance, and specially download "Hebao" app software for binding the bank card. After choosing books, the reporter came to the cashier, along with the guidance of the staff, just keep the mobile phone close to the POS mark with "Quick Pass", then aim at the swiping area and stay for a second. Done it! You only hear the POS machine has started to print the bill. It’s so like credit card billing, next step, users only need to sign on the ticket, "NFC buy book" is complete. Eliminating the wallet, change, password and a series of process, the phone has really become a portability small wallet.

At present, all independent business hall of Mobile can provide NFC-SIM card business. People can carry their identity card or SIM card to complete the formalities of the machine. More information about NFC tags at spvrfid.

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Barcode Labeling Software

There are many types of barcode labeling software today. While all of them have one purpose, which is to create and track barcodes, they are different in some aspects. For instance, the barcode software has different user interface and layout. Some are easy on the eye while others can cause headache. Some software is easy to use and others may require some training. Of course, it is much better to purchase barcode software that will not give you any difficulty. You should not have a hard time looking for a predefined stock label or creating your custom label.

However, you should not forget about the efficiency. An efficient barcode software should allow you to use as many types (e.g. linear, 2D, RFID Barcode Labels) of barcodes as possible. It should also be understandable. Software that is available in different language is great for businesses in areas where people are non-native English speakers. For the design, barcode software should provide you options when it comes to the size and font of texts, images and shapes, and the like. Barcode software should also allow you to secure the system with password or any other security measure.

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Nowadays, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is spreading across the globe and simplifying tracking demands. When it comes to tracking assets and keeping systems secure this technology provides an efficient and affordable methodology. If you have used an RFID Library Label, attendance card, a toll tag, bought security tagged clothes, or stayed in a hotel room then you have probably used RFID technology.

1 - ID Badge Access Control for Businesses

Identification badge access is popular among many types of businesses and industries. Used in a variety of controlled access facilities, it keeps the location secure while controlling and monitoring the environment of the cardholders.

2 - ID Badge Student Monitoring for Education Systems

RFID student ID cards and badges are effective tools for tracking student attendance. They can also be used to track resources that students may utilize while on and off campus.

3 - Libraries

Libraries are one of the many resources that students, as well as non-students utilize. Libraries have begun to use RFID technology to track books and resource information since the microchip can store not only the issue and return of books and resources but also hold the book's title, author, category and any other vital information.

4 - Microchips for Pets

Today more and more pet owners are having their pets microchipped. The RFID chip contains pertinent information about the owner so in case the pet is lost or stolen the pet can be easily identified.

Many nature programs also use the technology to tag animals in order to study different species of birds and animals and better understand things such as migration patterns.

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NFC isn't a fundamentally groundbreaking technology. Like Bluetooth and WiFi, it's a wireless radio communications standard. In the wireless world, NFC's closest relative is actually RFID (radio frequency identification). Retailers and parcel shipping companies in particular love RFID as a way to keep tabs on inventory supplies and shipments. You can read all about it in How RFID Works.

 NFC is a lot like RFID, only it's a more up-close-and-personal type of wireless. Whereas RFID can be used from a distance, NFC readers work at a maximum range of about 4 inches (10 centimeters). NFC readers aren't suitable for RFID-style inventory tracking; their range is too short. So Waterproof NFC Sticker Tag will appear in a flood of products and promotional items where bits of digitized information might come in handy.

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As the prices of Passive UHF Windshield Tag come down and these systems become more reliable, you can bet that entrepreneurs will find more uses for this technology. In fact, I have one you most likely have not considered: RFID Tags Truck Washes. Let me explain how these might work and why it makes so much sense. Rather than write a white paper on this topic, let me explain it in a paragraph or two:

First, the truck washing company, such as Blue Beacon, gives a discount of $2 off each wash for companies that install RFID UHF Windshield Tag in the front windshield of the truck. This will be read by an RFID tag scanner reader mounted at the entrance with a gain antenna. Since, this alleviates the need to fill out paper work, the truck wash company saves money in labor, and the trucking company gets a complete and accurate read out of each truck washed.

Because most over the road trucks are at around or about the same height the RFID reader can be mounted in a fixed position so that it picks up all the Customized RFID Windshield Tag without any being missed. Please think on this. Visit spvrfid, then you will find more RFID tags.

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There are two main types of systems: RFID and bar coding. RFID is the technology used in the microchips inserted into pets so that they can be identified and returned home if they get lost. UHF Laundry Tag is extremely flexible, soft and durable, ideal for clothes. Since RFID is the efficient one, we will focus most of our attention on how that works in tracking laundry.
RFID Systems
In an RFID system,Smart Poster NFC Tags or chip is attached to each towel, sheet, garment, or other item. In some cases, they are installed by the manufacturer. In others, items are tagged by the laundry. The tags/chips are available with low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF) or ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio bands. The tags have a strong, yet small, thin plastic casing that does not interfere with an item's use, but can withstand harsh commercial laundry processes that use very hot water and chemicals for up to hundreds of washings.
Bar Code Labeling
Bar coding is an older, simpler technology than RFID. It is generally less expensive, but not as efficient for tracking large amounts of inventory. A bar code labeling system, which is essentially what is used in stores to bring up the price and other information on the items we purchase, records information on each item, such as when it was issued, how many times it has been processed, and when it was last turned in.
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