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Herro~! I decided to come on here to post a little bit before starting on my homework~

The first thing I wanted to share was this crossover with Clannad and Free! It really is quite accurate~ I'm not exactly sure why Okazaki's dad is standing in the background though...(✿>艸<✿) 

Just looking at this makes me remember how feelsy Clannad was..I suppose this is anime aftershock?
I dunno, I just felt like saying that even though it sounded super cheesy. XD

Other than that, today's been pretty normal for me~ I did pass Senpai a few times in the hall though which was awesome~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

♫ ~Areku☆Senpai~ ♫ really needs to stop posting about Senpai now

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