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This solar controller applies to the solar net division system (independent system). It can control the electrical charge and discharge process automatically. The discharge process of the storage battery has been optimized thus it can increase the lifetime of the storage battery and improve the function of the system. The thorough electronic protection function can keep the controller away from damage when the users install it error or the system is in bug.

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JN-MPPT Solar controller series ranked the first place among MPPT solar charge controllers, the advantage includes high conversion efficiency, wide range of PV input, professional PC monitoring software etc.. This is the most advanced version of MPPT solar charge controller.

Why do we need fiber optic isolator?

With the development of technology,optical fiber communication has become mainstream now, so we need it! Why do we need fiber optic isolator?Advanced Fiber Resources (Hong Kong) Ltd as a professional optical fiber products manufacturer will tell you reason!

Light can be reflected back and forth. This is also true in fiber optic communication networks. But in fiber optic networks, most of the reflections are harmful to the stability of the system which is especially true for lasers.

Laser is essentially a resonant cavity between two semi-transparent mirrors. The lasing process happens between these two mirrors. The lasing process is very delicate and can be easily interfered. If back-reflected and scattered light enters into the laser, the lasing process will fluctuate and the output power of the laser will fluctuate.

So that is where fiber optic isolator comes to play. Optical isolators are devices that transmit light only in one direction. They play a vital role in fiber optic systems by stopping back-reflection and scattered light from reaching sensitive components, particularly lasers.

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Introduction to Fiber Optic Tools   
In today's world of communication, fiber optical has become the main tool, Optical cables essentially form a part of wide area networks of buildings and campuses. Come into contact with the fiber optical should be aware that the fine fiber optical like our hair, so all the fiber optic equipment are high accuracy. In the process of using an optical fiber which tools enable us should know? Advanced Fiber Resources (Hong Kong) Ltd. as a best optical fiber products supplier will tell you!

Fiber cables contain plastic or glass filaments, which depend on light signals for the transfer of data from one point to another. Light has a very appealing feature: it can travel more rapidly compared to electric current, which has traditionally been employed in the field of communication. Characteristically, optical fibers are quite fragile and thus get contaminated in many ways: through dust particles, through the presence of oils and buffer gel. So they must remain clean and tested after installation in order to ensure an uninterrupted flow of light.

Compared to the usual copper cables, the expense for the installation of optic cables is a bit greater, needing especially designed tools of superior quality for the process of installation. Because of their functionality, the demand for these cables is sure to increase in the foreseeable future. It is worth investing in the appropriate equipment of good quality, as that would prove economical in the long run. If you like to have an edge over other competitors in the field of communication, you should be prepared to invest and use superior kits.

Test equipment

You can get a wide range of kits for executing various jobs connected with the fiber optic industry. Here are some of the most frequently needed kits:

    Fusion Splicing Tool Kit

    Fiber Optic Testing Tool Kit

    Optical Cleaning Tool Kit

    Quick Termination Connector Tool Kit

Traditional Epoxy and Polish Connector Termination Tool Kit

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Understanding Optical Fiber Types - Fiber Optic Tutorial Series Three
    Optical fibers are designed for many different application scenarios. To understand the different applications, it is important to understand the properties of different fiber types.
   Two major types of optical fibers exist for communication system: multimode fiber and single mode fiber. The difference between them is that multimode fiber can carry many modes of light rays while single mode fiber can only carry one mode of light ray.
   Single mode fiber does have some disadvantages though. The smaller fiber core diameter makes it much harder to couple light into the fiber. This increases the manufacturing cost of many single mode fiber optic components such as isolator, attenuator, etc. Mini Manual Variable Attenuator The tolerances for single mode connectors, mechanical splices are also much more demanding.
   One important variety of single mode fiber is polarization maintaining fiber, or also called PM fiber. PM fiber carries only one polarization (the light's electronic field direction) of the light. PM fiber's major applications include coherent communication system and electro-optic modulators which serves as a light transmitter in high speed fiber optic system.
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Details Of A Standard Cuplock System Scaffold
    The need of system scaffolds in the construction industry for carrying out demolition, maintenance and repair work is obvious. One of the best staging structure being used in Australia is the Cuplock System, which relies on securing nodes with two cups rather than with wedges, nuts and bolts. It provides a fast, multifarious and streamlined system of commissioning projects related to this field of work. It offers a fast solution for securing up to four horizontals at a time through a reliable top cup that makes the joint firm and stiff.
   This type of structure is easy to erect and dismantle, does not leave any loose ends, requires minimal maintenance and uses no components like nuts, bolts and wedges. It is best for access or formwork support and has high load bearing capacities despite being quite lightweight. 
   Used in combination with Mode Field Adaptor, socket base and drophead adaptors, these types of screwjacks offers a mode of jacking that can be implemented at the top as well as the bottom of a staging structure.
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The Advantages Of New Fibre Laser Welding Techniques
   A fuel cell is an electro chemical energy conversion device, which produces electricity from external supplies of fuel (on the anode side) and oxidant (on the cathode side). These react in the presence of an electrolyte to produce energy.
   Welding of the plates is by far the most time consuming process involved in the manufacture of fuel cells - there is about one meter of welding required for every single plate in every single fuel cell stack - that is about 400m of welding for each eco-car. Optimising the welding process offers the opportunity to make significant savings in the cost of production of fuel cells. 
   The issues here are all related to the difficulty of achieving a small, clean, reliable weld at viable production speeds using traditional laser welding techniques. To solve these problems, the leading-edge manufacturers are now looking to fibre laser welding technology.
   Results from leading manufacturers in this field show that fibre laser welding will play a significant role in tipping the balance for fuel cell technology from a 'promising idea' to a serious commercial solution to the world's energy-usage problems.
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The Cheater's Guide To Choosing Fiber Optic Patch Cables
  Fiber optic patch cable, often called fiber optic patch cord or fiber jumper cable, is a optical cable terminated with connectors on both ends. It has two major application areas: computer work station to outlet and patch panels or optical cross connect distribution center. They are for indoor applications only.
  10Gig multimode fibers are specially designed 50/125 micron fibers optimized for 850nm VCSEL laser based 10Gig Ethernet. They are backward compatible with existing network equipment and provide close to three times the bandwidth of traditional 62.5/125 multimode fibers. 10Gig fiber cable jacket is usually aqua.
  In some cases such as for long wave laser modules used in Gigabit Ethernet, modules need to operate for both single mode and multimode fibers, the mode conditioning fiber optic patch cables will fit for such situations.By allowing the single mode laser launch to be offset away from the center of the multi mode fiber the mode conditioning fiber optic patch cable reduces the effect of such differential mode delay.These cables are usually duplex type.
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Rapid Sheet Metal Upgrades Equipment With New Fiber Laser

    Rapid Sheet Metal, a dedicated rapid prototype sheet metal shop, is excited to introduce a new state-of-the-art fiber laser that will broaden the sheet metal prototype
   shop's capabilities. Fiber lasers are 4-5 times faster than conventional Co2 powered lasers, and are able to cut thinner materials all the way down to 1/5000th of an inch. The new fiber laser will also allow Rapid to laser cut parts at a faster rate and with tighter tolerances compared to a traditional laser.
  Operations Manager, Tom Bryk, said the fiber laser is a great addition to Rapid Sheet Metal, "We are able to give our customers better, more precise parts in half the time with our new fiber laser.  Not only can we get a piece down to 1/5000th of an inch thick, we can now cut certain materials that we weren't able to before like bronze, brass, and copper."Rapid Sheet Metal is the world's largest Rapid Prototype Sheet Metal service. In business since 2001, with over 80 employees, and a 25,000 square foot facility, Rapid Sheet Metal always has the capacity to turn sheet metal fabrication rapidly.
   Rapid Sheet Metal focuses strictly on providing sheet metal prototypes and time sensitive short run fabrications to new product developers and engineers. Typical quote response time ranges from instant to well under 24 hours and parts ship in one to two weeks. A 48-hour fast expedite prototype sheet metal service is also available. Parts such as brackets, racks, housings, and enclosures are fabricated to customer data from SolidWorks, Pro/E, SpaceClaim , Inventor, KeyCreator and other 3D CAD data sources from stainless steel, cold rolled steel and aluminum materials. Rapid Sheet Metal Inc's sister company, Rapid Machining, focuses on quick turn CNC machined and turned prototype parts.

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The Ikhana unmanned aircraft system has been used by NASA last year to fight  wildfires from the sky and this month to provide images of current Californian wildfires to authorities (link to NASA images). But Ikhana is also used to evaluate advanced sensing technology installed on its wings to improve its efficiency. The new sensors, which incorporate fiber optic sensing technology, are located side by side with traditional sensors. As said one NASA researcher, ‘there are 3,000 sensors on Ikhana that are imperceptibly small because they're located on fibers approximately the diameter of a human hair.' But read more…The sensors are so small that they're almost invisible. "Although the new sensors on the Ikhana, which are located on fibers that are the diameter of a human hair, are not visible, the sealant used to apply them can be seen in this view from above the wing." (Credit: NASA photo by Tony Landis) Here are two links to a larger version of this picture and to a Ikhana photo collection.
  For more information about this unmanned aircraft, please visit the Ikhana home page at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center. And for more information about the fiber optic wing shape sensor system installed on Ikhana, here is a link to a recent Dryden news release, "Measuring up to the Gold Standard."
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