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BIFF Da Bully / Epk

The World Of An Independent Professional Entertainer / Song Writer / Composer / Rapper
From Brooklyn, New York City who takes the music industry by Storm! setting the bar High with his Unorthodox Hard Core Clever Raps! Cultivated out of some of the meanest streets of Brooklyn! If you value real music! You don't want to miss Biff! Hip Hop Historians Claim Biff to be a big deal $$$$$$$ for Hip Hop!
He is inspired by his Older Brother Dane Garrett aka Mr Spitz who lyrics was way before their time! and who he considers to be one of the greatest Rapper to ever rap.
Mr Spit life was ended early due to a heart attack.
Biff and Mr Spits were beginning to record an album together when his brother past away!
Biff suffered a terrible lost and vale to uphold the legacy by remembering every last song that his brother had wrote and by adding on to it keeping his brother rhymes very much alive!
Biff is very strong minded and very talented he is destine for greatness!
Just getting in the game and already making hell a noise gaining fans from all walks of life!
His delivery lets you know he's a star and in this Music Business he demands respect.
Biff is a fan of good music and appreciates the art the culture and the history behind great music! please pay close attention to history in the making!
The Life Of ( Biff Da Bully ) told thru music and real life situations!
Stay tuned in for orthodontic Lyrical Content.
( The Life Of Biff Da Bully ) Coming Soon!!!!!!

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