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Somehow the battery capacity is reported wrong

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When I restart my phone, the night display mode remains active in the settings, but it is deactivated in practice (OmniROM -20180812-vince).
If I do not restart, it works all regularly.

Is there an example of directory backup/restore using backuptool ?

Will I be able to backup app data, i.e. /data/data/ ?
Thank you for your time

No matter what I do, I can't get Google Contacts to sync on Omni's latest on potter; they work with PE (no need to flash gapps, obviously) and RR (OpenGapps Aroma).

Any ideas?

Motorola xoom owner here and pulled the old tablet out of the desk looking to remove the 6.0.1 I have and put the 5.1.1 on it. Only problem is all I can find is 4.4.4. Does anyone have the ROM for the 5.1.1 omni?

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🀭 #omnirom #athene

Hi i have xoom everest can some one geave me working link for omni rom 4.4.2 or 4.4.4 on xda links dont download the roms :(

Any way to enable vibration after a call connects? It's the only useful feature OOS had.

I have installed omni rom and power toggles widget but GPS is can not be on/off via this widget. WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data and others can be switched without any problem. Device: Xiaomi MI 6
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