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We need to make a new comm for this. This place is dead AF

I just I have to tell you who I am.
Name: I don't remember that.
Alias: Builder
Age: 29
Gender: I'm not telling you that
Nationality: Australian
Role: Engineer
Armor Ability: Promethean Vision or Hardlight Shield
Primary Weapon: Battle Rifle or Shotgun
Secondary Weapon: Magnum
Grenade: Frag grenades
Special Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Ranks: I'm not going to tell you
AI aka Artificial intelligence
I have AI but sadly it breaking and becoming useless, that how much you will know about him
Armor Configuration
Helmet: Engineer
Colour of helmet: Black and Red
Chest Plate: Prefect
Colour of chest plate: Black and Red
Forearms: Fotus
Colour of forearms: Black and Red
Legs Plate: ODST
Colour of legs plates: Black and Red
Visor colour: Midnight
My personality that will be hard to explain, I a nice person if we are not in a battle which in these days we battle everyday. I'm bossy if you try to piss me off
Well let's just say I wanted to become a soldier and I survived the testing, that all you need to know about me and my past
Speed/Running: 7/10
Strength: 9/10
Intelligence: 10/10
Accuracy: 6/10
Hand to hand combat: 7/10
Hacking: 7/10
Driving: 9/10
Flying: 9/10
See ya later

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Name: Alan Rodríguez

Alias: ???

Age: 27

Nacionality: Brazilian

Personality: Quiet, calm and a little shy

Gender: Male

Appearance: Unknow (for a while)

Armor configuration: (Image)

Role: Driver

AI: None

Armor Abilities: Invisibility, Energy shield

Bio: Unknow (for a while)


         > Primary: Assault rifle
         > Secondary: Energy sword
         > Granade Type: Normal Granade

Speed: 7
Strength: 5
Intelligence: 6
Accuracy: 7.2
Hand-to-Hand Combat: 7
Hacking: 3
Driving: 10
Flying: 7

Sharkface Before The Innies 

::Consider it yet another "what if" or maybe just a "past time" memory. I have always wondered what he was like before joining the Insurrection and all that shit::

"...Terrence, no. Stop it Terrence, your father will be furious."

The young boy named Terrence looked up at his mother and snarled. "I don't CARE! I don't care if it HURTS HIM in ways not wanted." He said to his mother before gripping the knife in his hand and continuing to slash through any furniture he saw before him. 

"..what the FUCK happened?" 


 "JENNI, A KID DOES NOT DO THESE THINGS KNOWING THE REACTION THEY'LL RECEIVE. This "kid" is a man and as a man, I will BEAT him like one." 

 Terrence spat on the floor as a challenge then raised his fists before him. "I'm not afraid of TRASH like you." He said out before pushing off with one foot and coming at his father. 


"W-what ARE YOU?!"

 "Don't you know mama? I'm YOUR SON! I'm Terri and now I've made you free of father just like you've always talked of being." The young boy smiled, his two front teeth were gone, but they'd grow back. For now, they were his battle scars. His attention shifted over to the dump of flesh on the floor and a sly grin tugged at the corner of his lips. "You and I can have a safe life now, mom we ca-" he was stopped short of his sentence.

 "STAY AWAY YOU MONSTER! YOU EVIL PIECE OF SHIT!" Terrence cocked his head to the side and slowly blinked.

 "I see, so mommy doesn't like being free after all. You really ARE the WHORE that dad told me you were." Jenni gasped at her son then covered her mouth as tears flooded over her hands almost as if they were a waterfall. The boy poked the tip of his left index finger with the tip of a blade, then looked at his mother. "You know, I hate being lied to, I hate being used then thrown away ma'am. And I know for sure, that dad would have wanted you in hell with him anyways. Sooner than later that is."

 Her eyes widened. Those deep blue eyes widened with HORROR. " WOULDN'T." 

Terrence laughed maniacally and shook his head. "I would and I will, I'm tired of having you two weigh me down anyways." As the last word left his lips, the blade was raised into the air then thrown towards Jenni. 

"N-NOOO-..." glop...the blade went between her throat and no sooner had it hit did the mother fall to the floor on her side. The son stepped over the dead bodies and went to his room collecting his gear bag. Before leaving, he picked up the helmet had made with the help of his father and slipped it over his head. Sharkface..that was the name of the helmet..and Terrence was no more...EVER! »»»

"We need SOLDIERS, not CHILDREN!" Yelled out the commander before Sharkface and a recruiter. "Goddamn Jones! I send you out to get me GOOD fighters, and what do you come back with? A piec-" Sharkface stepped forward and raised his left hand up. He had grown since the murder of his parents, but he was merely 12. "If I could interrupt sir, I'm not a piece of shit, and I can handle my own in a fight." As he closed his lips from the last word, the commanding officer turned to Jones and raised a finger making the motion for him to come closer. Jones did. Leaning to the recruiters ear, the CO whispered very quietly. "What did you say this kids story was again Jones?" Jones swallowed before replying with a cracked voice. "H-he killed his parents however, we learned from him that his father was the one who started the fight." Sharkface leaned his back against a cold metal wall and watched the two talk. The co nodding his head every now and again. Then..."I don't want MONSTERS on my team either. Go put a bullet to the punks head.""Jones? You know, I'm going to have to kill you." Sharkface said blatantly before looking up at the recruiter. Jones started to panic and turned to leave, but did so to late. The young boy was on his back and had a knife to his throat in a mere second. Then...sliiiice, his body dropped to its knees then fell to the side. »»»Years of running, and fighting those who had a bounty for him. Sharkface never could stay in one place too long, until he met a group of beings who called themselves the Insurrectionist. Of course he joined immediately, a small smile crept onto his flawless lips, the smile soon spreading to his eyes as well. Today was his first day in, and he already loved it, they allowed him what became his favorite weapon during his time of running, a flamethrower. Pulling himself out of his mind and back to reality, he finally was aware of someone calling his name. "Hey, Sharkface. Let's go! Get up and get out there!"

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Teh chicks are in the jeep

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This is awesome

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Name: Maxine Church
Alias: Agent New Mexico "Mex" 
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Scout I armor with ODST chest
Armor configuration: White w/Black Accents
Role: Medic
AI: Orion
Armor Abilities: Time Sync (AI's help) and Light Shield
         - Primary: Sniper Rifle
         - Secondary: Plasma Pistol
         - Granade Type: Pulse Granade
Personality: Quiet
Bio: Dr. Lenard Church's brother had a son, he has grown and in time, joined project freelancer as a recovery unit. He learned about Agent Washington and the tings project freelancer has done, so he fled with the full AI Orion, a shy, child like artificial intelligence unit. He is now a rouge but looks for a team to restart and build upon.

Intelligence: 8  
Accuracy: 9.5
Hand-to-Hand Combat: 5  
Hacking: 10
Driving: 8
Flying: 6

((Finally making this new story arc))
+John Mathew
Mission briefing: investigate insurrectionist activity taking place in the wilderness of northern Africa. We need to find out what they're doing and why. Objective is just for light reconnaissance, deadly force authorized only if attacked. You will be dropped 4 miles from the area. Good luck
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