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Which Bittorrent application would you like to be supported by ng-torrent-ui next, besides uTorrent?
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Hello !

Very nice work, I really enjoyed using ng-torrent-ui !

However, I can't achieve to change the destination folder and the file name after added the .torrent and before the download started, is it possible ?

Thank you in advance for your reply and keep up the good work !

First version distributed also via torrent (at least, I'm trying...)


- Added: Highlight sorted value
- Fixed: Drag'n'drop supported file types (some platforms did not accept .torrent files)
- Fixed: Version not reported when opening a new issue
- Fixed: Correct version number not shown when using Live version
- Fixed: Load translations only once

Thanks for this project! For some reason the old utorrent webui just stopped working entirely for me even after I redownloaded and purged all settings. I still use the classic interface embedded in this since apparently there is no way to manage my RSS feeds from the main interface.

Remember me! Or, at least, my filters.


- Added: Persist filters and sort order when refreshing the page
- Added: Download button (for completed files) from details dialog (requires uTorrent 3). You can also copy (long tap or right click) the link and open it in a video player to stream the file without downloading it (tested with VLC)
- Added: Ratio column
- Fixed: Reversed up/down queue buttons actions
- Added: Error message on torrent loading (usually when session expired)

So, you're not using Chrome?

- Fixed: Minor (major?) compatibility issues with non-Chrome browsers.

Broken thing needs fixing.


- Added: a second tap on lens icon (direct search) toggles between filter active/not active
- Fixed: Some dialogs stopped working after last update (sorry about that)
- Fixed: Select all checkbox in Details Dialog -> Torrent Files

Let's go fuzzy!

-Added Fuzzy search (try to show similar torrents using a guess search: e.g. ignoring episode number and quality suffixes like '1080p'). This is the default when selecting the direct search button for non-starred torrents.
-First steps to generalize ng-torrent-ui to be used with other apps besides uTorrent (sorry, live version will break if you don't have at least 0.6.5).
-Minor fixes

A new release, especially for mobile users

- Added Direct search button: if selected on a favorite torrent, it will filter by its "favorite name"; on a non-favorite torrent, it will search by its full name
- Added Actions menu (tap on the status column) with direct access to main actions
- Fixed "live" version (resources moved to github-pages)

Just a minor release to fix the social share component.


- Fixed social sharing dependency which prevented many providers from working correctly
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