When Anthony Joshua fought klichko was i disappointed it was a bad contest for example after 1knocdown Anthony was using all he to stop him no stamina for 20 seconds he tried and tried and he was shattered don't get me wrong I like Mr Josh but he has not got endurance as a boxer all he can hope for is a stoppage in early rounds Mr haye can stop him he has power stamina a game plan!!!!!!! it obvious josh he can't go to many rounds through out all the fight klichko was relaxed I think the fight was make some money it was a set up but what really pissed me off was the comentors making remarks like" what a great fight it has to be at the top of great fights 🤔 it was a classic fight Biggin him up and these cock suckers think they know all about the game 🤔 and so on look at the fights of Tyson Bruno hollfield all the great fighters they did not put on a show they fought like proffersionls any true boxing fans know it was all a show all planned I like Mr Josh he has so much potential he can be up there with the big names he needs a good coach that's going to kick his arse no mercy but needs to train hard watching David haye he has power and will deal with josh in 1 to 2 ,rounds the way he's fighting now Josh need to change his game plan I hope he does he is a person nice guy need to be aggressive And tactical he needs to be a fuking nutter like a pitbull when in the ring no mercy i want him to be a true champ he deserves to be no 1
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