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Dragon or Dragon Hunter:


Age (Put "Jewels " at the end of your age):


Which Dragon Are You:







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Dragon or Dragon Hunter: dragon

Name: Nightshade

Age (Put "Jewels " at the end of your age): 9 jewels

Powers: fire breath, breathes under water, freezing death breath, venom spit magical death spit, can stand extreme weather, and scales can change color and pattern

Which Dragon Are You: good

Mate: none

Offspring: none

Friends: none

Bio: she was a loner when she was hatched, she is not well known, she has no one.

Looks: the only part she can't change color is by her eyes she has a teardrop shape the color of silver, she has enormous wings, gills, frills behind her ears, a poisonous tail barn like a scorpion at the end of her tail, her eyes are usually all black, her scales are usually black, dark purple, dark blue, or blood red.

Other: she does have a temper.


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sitting on a rock above my cave ((open rp))

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(Open rp no need to ask)
i Escaped a group of dragon hunters and change into a different dragon why do they keep trying to recapture me?

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I'm fighting a light magic Dragon and I kill it and start to walk around the mountain ((open rp and the white Dragon in the back round is the one that I fought and died))

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Dragon or Dragon Hunter: Dragon
Name: EnderLox
Age: 12 Jewels
Powers: has the power to change into a human (it drains ALL of his energy tho for a whole 2 hours) so I can hide among the humans, can become Half human half dragon at will,
Which Dragon are you: cross-breed between ice dragon, shadow dragon, and mind dragon
Mate: none
Friends: +Ender The Dragon girl
Bio: Uknown
Looks: pic (the last pic is my human form)
Other: Uknown 
My rider looks is last pics
Rider name: Tyler nicknamed Ty
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I'm in my cave with James and my adopted son Kiko ((closed rp +Potato Man​​ and +Kiko The Neko Bandit​ also pretend the cave is a but bigger​ ))

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flying around the mountains near my house at night

You are all approved!!!! Ok

I'm flying through the air when a storm comes over head, rain starts coming down harder and harder. Suddenly lightning came out of no where, before it got to close I swooped down into a cave
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