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>Hi. I'm Salem Thompson. You might know me better as the Salem Witch. Oh, you don't? Well then, sit tight. I hope you don't mind horror stories, because I didn't get my name for being a magician.
>Let's see...where to start? Well I should probably start off by telling you that I was born in New York City, but moved to the town part of Salem, Massachusetts when I was really little. I also didn't have the nicest family. I only lived with my mom, but she wasn't home very often. To put it simply, she spent a LOT of time at other guys’ houses. Doing what...I don't want to know. When she was home, she wasn't much of a mother. She was usually either drunk or passed out from a hangover. She never harmed me, but she neglected me. I never came home to hear her ask about my day, and she was never there to comfort me when I was hurt or afraid. At least she kept food in the fridge for me to eat. I didn't let this bother me much though. I had some really close friends who gave me the attention I needed. I did my best to be the best friend I could be to them.
>I was known during middle school as the prankster. It was common to see me just walk into school normal, then come out of the bathroom a little later looking like I killed someone. I used cherry red lipstick as fake blood, and it always worked. I had a fair amount of friends, so my mother's neglect didn't really affect me much.
>Everyone knew I was crazy. I would claim to hear voices and have friends that only I could see, but everyone took it as a joke. I quickly learned that if I ever wanted to mention my “friends,” I would have to play it off as a joke. But I really did hear and see them. There was usually only one voice. It was very deep, but there was always a small amount of static in it, and I could sometimes hear this ringing when it spoke to me. My friends were even stranger. I think one of my favorites was Ticci Toby. He had multiple disorders, but that made him special. I always loved people with disorders. Toby has this thing called Tourettes and it makes him twitch or “tic.” If he's talking, the tics make him stutter and it's really cute! He acts like a child sometimes, but he's mature when he needs to be. Sure he's like six inches taller than me, but that doesn't scare me. What scared me when I first met him was the fact that the flesh on the left side of his mouth was practically charred off. I got used to it though, not everyone's perfect. He once said that the voice I hear every now and then belongs to this really tall faceless creature that wears a suit. I never believed him until one day I was walking through the woods near my home. What’s that? You thought I lived in a town? Let me explain that then.
> One particular day at school, I had walked into the building in a bit of a bad mood. You see, the previous day, I had fought with one of my friends. I was hoping that she would get over it, but eventually I found out that was nowhere near the truth. You see, I was well known for pranks that involved fake blood. It was always lipstick or died water. But according to my ex-friend, that wasn't the case. Overnight, she managed to tell the entire tenth grade that I used actual blood in my pranks and that she had seen me try to kill someone. No one talked to me, and those who did only did so to insult and beat me. After school, when I got home, I went up to my room, dropped my stuff, climbed out my window, and ran. I ran far away from the town that now hated me, and I found myself in the woods closest to the town. I knew I was lost, so I just laid on the ground, ready to give up. Then, oddly enough, three of my friends came to me, but not in the way they usually do. Normally, they would just appear out of thin air, but this time, they walked up to me. Masky, a boy whose real name is Tim that wore an orange jacket and a white, feminine mask, held out his hand to me. Throughout all the years I had know them, I had quickly learned I couldn't touch them. But something told me this was different. I reached up and, shockingly, took his hand and allowed him to help me up.
>”B-but how…? I’ve never been able to touch you guys before…” Needless to say, I was surprised. What surprised me even more was that it was Hoodie, A.K.A Brian, a boy with an orange hoodie and a black ski mask with a red frowny-face sewn into it, who explained what was happening. He told me that all my friends lived in this place called Slender Woods, and it could only be accessed by these people called “Creepypastas.” He said that the exit to the woods could lead to anywhere in the world and that it was how they got to the woods we were in at that very moment. He also explained that the reason I could see but not touch them before was because they were projecting themselves through my mind before, and that it was also why only I could see them and not everyone else. I simply nodded my head, signifying I understood what he had said. He then nodded to Toby, who stood in front of me, and left with Masky.
>Toby was silent until he knew the other two boys in what I like to call the Proxy Trio were gone. He asked me why I was so far away from my town. I told him what had happened with no hesitation. I knew I could trust Toby. By the time I was done, I could tell he was angry. Though his face showed concern, I could practically see the fire in his eyes and he was ticking more than usual. I knew what he did. I knew his story. I knew all my friends’ stories. And yet, I wasn't afraid. I wasn't afraid when he forcefully placed his hands on my shoulders. I wasn't afraid when he asked who started the rumor, and I shook my head in refusal of telling him. I wasn't afraid when he took me by the wrist and started leading me to a place in the woods, or when I noticed the proxy mark on my left hand. I knew what had happened, and I embraced it. He knew. He knew I had snapped. He knew I was under-trained. But he also knew I wanted revenge, not for someone to avenge me. He knew I wanted to do it myself. He knew that I wanted to kill.
>He lead me to an abandoned house. Or so I thought. For being abandoned it was surprisingly well kept.
>”Th-the boss knew w-what w-was coming, s-so he m-made this p-pl-place for you un-until he th-thought-t you w-would be able to l-live in the mansion w-with all of us-s,” he explained, as though reading my mind. When I entered the place, I realized it was old fashioned. No shower or any form or plumbing nor electricity. He said that he and the others would provide me with exactly what I needed. I was taught to hunt and kill, how to prepare different animals, and basically how to live as someone would have back in the times of the Salem Witch Trials. I was also taught how to use my new abilities. Upon having the proxy symbol, I gained inhuman speed and agility and I was taught how to use it. And then the day came. I left my new home, and called for a friend before leaving the woods. My revenge was coming.
>I had taken BEN Drowned with me, a Link lookalike but with black retinas and red pupils, as well as blood dripping down his cheeks. He was a cybernetic ghost and could hack the government without even trying. Upon nearing the school, BEN found his way into a student's phone. From there, he would shut off the school's security systems and phone lines, as well as lock all the doors and such. No one would be able to escape. Once that was done, he allowed me inside and I began my killing spree. I only attacked the 11th grade. They were the ones who hurt me. By the time I was done, no one was left alive. It went down in the news as the Junior Massacre, and there was no evidence of the killer. I soon became known across the nation as the Salem Witch, my primary targets those who cheat or have one night stands. I left the bad parents to Toby. No one's caught me yet, and no one ever will.
> So now you know my story. Why I look and live the way I do. I hope you know now, that I can't let you leave. I mean, you could lead the authorities right to me. Plus, I know you’ve been a bad lover, so I have no regrets. Grabs a knife off the table and leans towards her “guest.” Just know, that nothing bad ever happens in this town~

Hey everyone! This is just a post to let you all know to keep the 18+ stuff away! Swearing is fine but we don't need the...weird stuff in here. Other than that, have fun ^^
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